Sunday, December 6, 2009

It was too good to be true

Man I was so enjoying the whole warm winter thing. I giggled when I say the photos over on the Solstice blog showing their snow down south, literally in AZ and that area. You can keep it, we have always get enough to share. That was until, gulp, tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Quick front moves through tonight with 1-2 inches of snow. Okay, not bad except it's going to be a Monday morning, work week start with the first snow of the year idiot drivers. I think I see the long way into town rather then the usual route up Sucide Hill aka Mt Vernon Road.

Oh and it doesn't end folks, life threatening wind chills by Wednesday after the next storm on Tuesday is done dumping 6-10 inches of show on us. OH MY GOODNESS But as Alec and I chatted this afternoon, I can live with snow, rather not have the snakes, spiders and other big bugs from the south. The horses' blankets are all ready to slap on it needed, along with Torey's special leg wraps and Moo's not liking the whole stuck in a stall with the pony thing. Duck hut is cleaned out and ready for residents if it gets too cold and the dogs, well, they jus don't seem to understand that it's going to get cold, they just want to play outside, so let them do that all day today.

As my usual prepping for a storm goes, we have bread(fresh baked), milk( several gallons for the Ms and her milk addiction) eggs(the ducks are starting to lay) and lots of baked goods.

We have 2 double batches of triple chip cookies, 1 double batch of black forest cookies,2 double batches of chex mix(with enough to do at least one 1 more) bananna bread-though a little over done as I got distracted reading up on everyone's blogs. And last but not least, getting the Hummies cookie dough ready as well as a huge batch of sugar cookie dough. I usually let the last two sit in the fridge for a few days before I bake, always seems to taste better. I also have plans for "bacon and eggs", zucchini bread and some rolls.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on some liver treats for the dogs as my brother has given me a lot of beef liver from his last butcher. A little bit goes straight to the dogs each night and the rest to the dog treats.

I'm hunting up crock pot ideas for tomorrow too. Huge party tomorrow night and I need something warm, especially if we do have the party, considering the weather.

I also have set aside a few projects that can be handled should I not be able to get to work, such as replacing parts on my carpet cleaner-it's been DOA for a couple of weeks now and I seriously want to get carpets cleaned before the tree goes up.

And last thought on weather, I have a Cardi Claus present ready to ship somewhere in the USA. Now to find time between the storms to get to the post office and mail it!!!

Now to the 10th load of laundry I fold and pulling out a few boxes of Christmas ornaments to put up tonight.

Later gators....



Anonymous said...

Ha! That is what you get for laughing at us poor desert rats and our piddly little snow storm.

Stay warm!

Sharrie said...

With all the the activity going on at your house, how will you have time for the snow? You can keep as much as you like. I don't care if any of it gets to us.

Sherilyn said...

I'm really hoping the forecasters are wrong about the rest of the week...they mentioned on the news last night an additional 8-12 inches in the next few days.

Stay safe and warm!

Kodi said...

Snow predictions for this next round keep going up and up! Kodi loves the snow, but we have to shovel a small path in the backyard for the pug. I'm stocked up on all the essentials too. Got the tree up last night with lights but no ornaments yet - waiting to see if Kodi will stay out of it. I'd love to hunker down tomorrow/Wed, but I'm guessing they won't call of school during dead week. Stay warm and out of the ditches!

penni said...

I hope your storms aren't too bad. I just received permission to attend a hearing telephonically tomorrow because there is a strong likelihood that the canyon will be closed. Us desert folks try not to go outside in this stuff at all -- even with "on demand" four wheel drive and the warmest of clothing.

The dogs are all ramped up though -- cold weather brings out the craziness in them.