Sunday, November 29, 2009

What weekend???

Boy four days off work, what to do with myself????

Well first let's talk turkey---governor didn't call, so we ate him. Actually Dad, David and Alec fried him and we have leftovers from hell.
Black Friday shopping---not on your life, instead, us idiots hit the road for a ........ dog show. Kankakee here we come. I will admit, it's been a few months since I've done a show and I was kind of excited. Especially since it's was SP's first show. So we loaded up, went to Kim's and road tripped it to Il.

Not much to report other then it was a great show site--will do that one again in a heart beat. Nicky was WD both days, Russ was BOB one day, Krissy was WB one day, Ella was RWB one day and SP, oh gosh, showing a puppy....

Let's start with Saturday and the fact that my bomb proof puppy had other ideas about walking on her own feet--mine were better and after take two of the down and back, yes the judge laughed and asked, why don't we try that again? The second time it was, hum, not much better but thank you for the entertainment. So he gave us RWB.

Day two was MUCH better as she went, OH--that's what you want me to do and proceeded to be perfect and particularly cute. WB and BOS for her first point!!!

I will be honest, it was nice to go home early, so we didn't get a picture and well, nah, never mind. Alec helped Rebecca show roughs on Saturday but she didn't enter on Sunday-pulled 14 dogs-that kind of says it as cardigans had the same judge. Enough said.

Great weekend, good food, wonderful conversations. Nadine is a hoot and half with her poms. Caught up with a good friend Jane and chatted forever. Alec's tibbie client found him and looks like I or he need a bigger vehicle as two of those are going with us this spring to the shows. Other then rain on the way home and some crazy traffic on 80 that we took 92 to detour around(still don't know if Kim made it the mile or two on 80 to the bridge), it was great to be out showing again. But I'm also glad to be back home. I also have a ripped contact which I'm suffering with until tomorrow when I can get my new ones.

OH last note, Sweet Pea has finally gotten her offical call name--it's Sweetie Petey or Petey for short or SP when I type.
Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

Congrats on SP' first point!! Yeah!! And thanks to Alec for taking the tail-less wonder Ransom when Bekka had to go take care of her friend going through a rough time. Now some time off for the boy and let him grow up to find that major hopefully next spring.

Glad you made it home safe...we would have loved to be there, but took the opportunity of me actually being home to clean the house a bit. Yuck! All these weekends running to Missouri are taking a toll on the house. Was thinking maybe a leaf blower would have done a better job getting all the hair and dust out! LOL

Hope to see you guys soon! We miss you!!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

It was a too fun weekend! Thanks for the great fellowship. For the record, it took me 15 mins from the spin off point for me to cross the Mississippi and make my exit.