Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Okay, so it's a day late. Read the previous post and you'll understand that I just couldn't get to this yesterday.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Country Hit's litter. Tuli and Fred did a darn good job with those 7 kids.

Margie aka Summit's Margaritaville FB who needs just 2 singles to finish and one more CH to have her ROMb!!!

ShooBug aka Summit's Whiskey Girl. 'Bug's job is to keep all the boys in line and boy does she love to rough house with them.(FYI she's currently looking for a retirement home with a family, kids, fenced yard and crayons to chew. She is, seriously, the best kids dog around.)

Cash aka Summit's A Boy Named Sue. Living in FL with a house full of great kids

Kenny aka Summit's No Shirt, No Shoes also living in FL and keeping the cats wrangled.

Gracie aka Summit's Say Good Night By far my favorite, well right behind Margie. A lovely little girl who mended Karen and Tom's heart in NY.

Bryn aka Georgie aka Summit's I Hate Everything FB in neighboring Iowa City where she is an interior decorator--moves the furniture, destuffs comforters and makes sure it's not boring at Barb's house.

Magee aka Summit's He Got That From Me FB Living with two of the most adorable kids in MN and is the soccer team mascot.

Can't believe they are now 5, seems like yesterday that we had just moved into the new house, no fences yet and still unpacking. Keep up the good work guys!!

Later gators...

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Sherilyn said...

Happy Bark Day kids! Boo especially sends his love to his first "love" Margie, and his 2nd "love" Shoo Bug.

Hard to believe it's been 5 years!