Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My aching head

First off, I've had a nasty sinus headache for 3 days. So what happened last night was just icing on the cake.

Here's my recommendation to the rest of the world. #1 schedule eye appointments, especially in the fall and winter, early in the day. #2 if you thought one Sun was horrible when your eyes were dilated, try multiplying that by thousands. Yes headlights are worse then our Sun.

So I go in for a yearly exam and recheck on the ocular histoplasmosis. I love my regular eye guy. I've gone to Dr Smith for decades but the only problem I have is that I must be one of the youngest patients he has. Yes this huge clinic does specialize in geriatric aliments but considering my eyes, it's the best place for me to be. 2 hour appointment which leads me to leave the office at 5pm.

Checked my contacts--yippeee!!! In 5 years there has been no downward change in my vision. For about about the last 20 years, my eyes were in a fast downward spiral. But that's stopped, which is great news. No change in my prescriptions. But then the dreaded drops to heavily dilate my eyes. Now this isn't just the easy stuff that they use for regular exams, this stuff makes you look like you are totally stoned. Then the horrible lights to look back at my retinas. Tell you what, I couldn't see straight for about 10 mins but it only gets worse.

Side note-no new activity in either eye. Still tons of scarring and the lasik scar is still looking good, but nothing I have to go see the specialist about at this time--THANK GOD!

We had a chat about the changes in my vision due to the surgery and scarring. I have a lack of depth perception. Night driving isn't as good as daylight because of this, but nothing that warrants driving restrictions. Did you know that your left macular/eye translates your vision slower then your right? Which with my blind spot in the left, explains the depth perception issues. Anyway, most of what I have going on is normal and he's pretty happy with the results of the procedures last year.

So we get done, I get to put my contacts back in. I then realize, I have no close vision-I can focus on the distance objects, but nothing else. Good thing I am used to working in a fuzzy haze similar to when I take my contacts out at night. Again, another 10 mins for my eyes to adjust before I head out the door. During which time, I think, hum, wonder if anyone called me-yeap, but think I can read it? Nope. Act like I have to have bifocals and extend it out to the end of my arms-kind of make it out, maybe David? As I walk out the front door, I make the mistake of looking out to 1st Ave-the main drag. Wham--it hits me-million little Suns coming laser like into my eyes. I can't wear sun glasses, too dark to see everything else. So I sit in the tahoe for a while to adjust and make some plans for what road to take on the way home. Least amount of traffic, etc. Which I end up not doing, as I made one turn to early and damn it, had to head back into CR via the main drag, while the rest of the world is leaving downtown. I finally made it to the road home but by then, I'm giggling at the whole scenario.

I manage to make it to Mom's to pick up Meredith. The glare from the headlights and now the taillights is making my head explode We made it home safely, but everything is glaring, glowing, piercing my eyeballs. I walk in the door to--how many fingers do I have? I get picked on for being "stoned" and put on my sweats, watch a little TV-that too was a little bit of a problem and deiced that crawling into bed early, even if that means missing "Castle" was the best thing to do.

Most people can shake the dilation in about 2-3 hours, for me, it takes 8-10, especially with what they use on me. I woke up this morning all good to go, but man my head is really aching.

Reminder to self---no more late afternoon appointments!

Later gator....


Dawn said...

Sorry about your aching head. Hopefully soon, you will be feeling more normal.

Sherilyn said...

Sorry about the headache but relieved no worsening on the vision front! Definitely something to be Thankful for! :)

Sharrie said...

Wow! Hope you are doing better by now. Glad everything is OK with the eyes.

Cindy said...

3 advil later and lots of strong tea, it's down to a dull roar. At least I can focus on the computer screen today and get my accounts closed out! Otherwise it might have been a good day to call in sick.

Anonymous said...

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