Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Climate change?? Have the expert been to Iowa today?

OMG---what a mess outside. As I last reported, we were expecting our first signifcant snow fall of the year. They underestimated that a just a little. We have at least a foot of snow, some rain, ice, sleet, oh did I fail to mention--Thunder Snow!!! Blizzard warnings and what many are calling storm unlike anything we have seen in 20 years. Holy Carp Batboy!

So here's the scoop. Can't get out the end of the driveway. No let's back track to yesterday. I got to work, David and I carpooled for the "just in case" scenerio. Both Linn-Mar and Kirkwood Community College canceled school so Alec and Meredith were home for the day. David was up till, oh midnight on Monday, getting things all finished up-duck house cleaned, extra stall ready, horse blankets out and generator found in the duck house. About 4 on Monday, the office said enough and sent us home.

Alec and Meredith had been charged with duck wrangling and getting the flock into the newly named-Chateau Quack for the impending storm. That in itself was a riot as the Ms gets bonus points for catching the Khaki's on the fly, literally, two in one fell swoop. They are all in their chateau now and not happy.

Horses are huddled in the barn. Phoenix is still on stall rest and Moo is set to join her. This morning blankets are on the stock horses as the windchill is set to drop to the negative 30's and 40's tonight.

David and I managed to make it home after running errands. We followed the Zamboni through town, aka the Shriner inspired Marion synchronized snow plow team. They might have gotten the several inches of snow off the street but left us with a nice slick surface to drive on. Not too many other idiots out on the roads, I think they all heeded the warnings of get home, stay home and don't even think about traveling.

This morning, wow! The winds are gusting, snow is causing white outs-I can only see about 1/8 of a mile out the window right now. I can't get much further then the end of the drive, so no way to get to work today. The furnace exhaust on the house can get drifted in and yeap, we have to keep breaking down the drift to keep the warm flowing.

I've baked two loaves of bread, washed a couple loads of blankets, dogs are all lazing around in piles on the floor, though the Demon Child feels that exile to her crate is not warranted. I disagree as she has totally pissed off the older dogs with her excess energy. She'll get kicked out in a drift later on.

David and the Ms have already been out doing chores, goofing around but both agree, best to stay indoors. Blizzard warning till midnight tonight.

Oh funny one--ran into my brother at the grocery store. Seems he has a large dislike of Prius. They don't do snow and if you know my brother, who's out in his Jeep making his own roads, getting stuck behind 3 different ones last night set him into a great mood.

So please keep warm. We are doing more baking, getting out more Christmas decorations and well, just vegging. Dogs agree with me, climate change? Get real!

Later gators....

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