Thursday, October 15, 2009

Evil twin

David is worried. Fears he's next and that all the Evil Twin has been doing with his previous attempts is practice for when he goes after David.

See Abbey was the test run, you know use a smaller object just to get the feel for what he needs to do. But then he escalates to a bigger animal and even worse, the head honcho. Cleaning a rough collie at 10 pm at night after she's been wandering the moat/trench for the new water line, is not my idea of fun at all. Caked in clay, all up the front of her head, tangled in her feathers. And what did the Evil Twin do, just look at us from the side of the trench and showed his paws--look, clean. I have no idea what the heck you are inferring I did. Maybe it was Ella? Shaker? Oh I know, it was Eddie, yeah, yeah, Edwierdo did it, I swear!

Does this look like the face of evil? He still swears this morning that it was some other dog and he has no idea how the heck Clairee ended up in the trench last night. Meanwhile, David's not letting him out of his sight. He swears that Moose had been planning to make a move on his woman(aka me) for some time. Steals the best seat next me at any chance, snuggles between us in bed and let's talk about the chewed slippers, missing tools and hum, the trench looks like a good place to hide the body. All with that innocent look and "what, who me?" attitude. Innocent my foot!

Later gators.....



Sherilyn said...

ROFL!! Moose kills me! ;) Love that boy!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh David be afraid be very afraid! hehehe