Friday, October 16, 2009

Didn't get it from me

Sick sense of humor. More then a few people in my house have one. Especially the oldest and the youngest. And I totally blame that on the pedigree--she got it from him, not me.

The Ms aka Muffin aka Squirrel aka Meredith, has this evil grin, giggle and look. Her father, so similar, it can give you chills sitting in the same room with both when they are at their best, or is that worst?

So the four legged Evil Twin was on his best behavior last night. Could that be he spent most of the day in his crate in the dog room(that btw, is a horrible fate for him)? Could be that he was only allowed to go out in the back yard with the youngsters or could be that he was never given the chance to try anything, until the last potty run of the night.

As instructed, no dogs went out in the front yard. If they did, you watched them like a hawk and didn't let them out with Moose. Eddie did his duty, back inside, wipe paws and into the bedroom so I could shuffle Fred, Phoebe and Tuli out front. Yes it's raining, again and with a moat in the front yard, the backyard is getting twice as much foot traffic and the mud is unreal. Straw went down on the runway section near the duck fence and xpens are up to keep them away from other areas. Fred and crew come back in, wipe paws and impatiently wait for dinner.

Everyone is fed but not content-SP is having a hissy fit because she didn't get to do her laps in the house before dinner. Moose is the last one out. David is already outside, shutting the ducks up in the upper pen for the night. Meredith is under strict instructions to stay on the steps but watch Moose closely as he went out front by himself. Here's where the evil gene comes in.

See Meredith lets him out, stops to find her garden clogs, remembers that she should get a flash light and goes in to get one. In the meantime, David is done with ducks, and sees an opportunity. Oh I just bet you can guess what happens next, can't ya? Yes indeed, he jumps into the trench and calls Moose to the edge. Meredith heads out, shines the light and sees Moose looking over the edge. Then a quiet call, "Dad?", shines the light around, calls again, now slightly worried. I swear the two of them love nothing more then playing their evil tricks on each other.

I of course wander over to the door to see what she's hollaring about and my timing is enough to hear the evil giggle from David as he climbs up out of the trench and the Ms saying something just as evil back to him, then her evil giggle. Moose, he's a little confused and I think he thought, wait, that's my line!

The rest of the evening Moose followed David around, wagging his tail, looking at the door, and you know he was thinking--my plan is almost foolproof! Now that I know that the big guy fits in the trench, all I need to do now is find a way to lure him over so I can push him in head first. Heeheee(insert evil laugh here). Then the lady is all mine--hahahaheeeheee(more evil laughs).

And I live in this house?

Later gators....


Sharrie said...

Sounds like a "reality show" in the making. I totally sympathize with your mud predicament. You sure do have to pay out "big time" to get some improvements around the place!!!

Cindy said...

It is a reality show! Several people have tried to get us to do Wife Swap :0) I'd love to but I think who ever came to our house would have a heart attack and keel over in 2 hours-heehee, plus couldn't put the dogs through that.

The thing is when all is said and done, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Hehehehehe....oh that is just priceless! Oh David be afraid be very very afraid!. Love it! kbg

Ebonwald Cardigans said...

ok i actually DID my wonderful EVIL laugh right before I read (insert evil laugh here), to which i actually did a Muwahahaha evil laugh b.c. i had laughed where I was supposed to laugh, without you needing to tell me.

Wow I need to get out more ;)