Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project #2

Well, talk about gung ho! The guys must have gotten done early today at their real jobs, ie driving trucks and decided that they would come to our house and dig a moat. Yes you read that right, I now have an 8' deep trench running from my barn through the front yard to the well head on the far side of the yard. See it's right there......

No do not live in a castle, just a simple ranch. No the duck house is not some sort of fortress. Farm house, middle of the country, granted Meredith does love dragons, castles and all that stuff.

I guess our agility training is done for the year--they folded up the dog walk. But hey, they went right between the flower bed and bird house post.

To top it off, it's supposed to start raining tonight. Then snow on Thursday. So the moat will be there for some time. Which leads to a rather small issue, how to let the dogs out in the front yard. Actually it's not a small issue, but rather large. Means a few more shifts out in the back yard, letting some of the trustworthy gang out in the front under eagle eye watch. I don't see this project finished till the weekend, then it's on to project #3 and that one should be all kinds of fun.

Spew alert ahead

And just for giggles, there has already been an incident. Moose swears he didn't do it, his paws are clean-so is his underbelly. His sister, on the other hand....Abbey, dear Abbey, well yeah, you guessed it, thinks trenches are fun, until you fall into one and can't get out. For such a loud mouth dog, she was silent as a church mouse. I figure she was practicing for war and sneaking through the trenches behind enemy lines. I opened the door to see only Moose, who gladly left his sister behind, bounded in and said, where's dinner? To which after three calls for Abbey, Abber Dabbers, ABIGAIL!!! nothing, slipped on the wellies and yelled at David. Is she with you? No(see he's out fixing fence at o'dark thirty) So with flash light in hand, an order to Moose to not even think about pissing Eddie off in the house, I went and low and behold, a wet, muddy and very silly looking Abbey---in the bottom of the trench. No worse for wear other then the mud she sprayed all over and the 3 towels it took to get her some what clean before she went in her crate to eat. She seems very pleased with herself and if it hadn't been so dark, I would have taken pictures. Sigh, dare I ask, what's next?

Later gators.....


Anonymous said...

What is the trench for?

Cindy said...

Laying water pipe from the well head/existing hydrant to the new one being installed at the barn. SOOOO instead of running hose all over kingdom come, we will have water right at the barn. See when we moved in 5 years ago after building the house, there was no barn so we didn't know where to run the hydrant for it.

Actually, I think it's more of an excuse for the big boys to play with their toys-they love back hoes and making a mess.

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh my goodness....poor poor pitiful Abbey! To funny! Clowns surround us!