Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slow it down some

It's the weekend, I tend to over do it just because I have the extra time and find other things to do, that leads to that next thing to do that leads to.... You get the picture. I occasionally run across this show on ION that's called the Weekend Guy. He makes a point of saying that weekends aren't about work, but about things you enjoy. Too true.

So to enjoy this weekend, even with the mist and the dampness(good for my allergies though) we piddled around in the morning and did a few chores-I think to make it feel like the day wasn't totally about bumming and then went into town.

Chores-we all have them. David's was to take the recycling to the dump. We live about 3-4 miles from the county land fill and they have a huge recycling program. Yes I live out in the country, I grew up with a garbage pit and trash burn barrel. Today, we recycle most of our garbage. That means a load to the dump recycling center about once a month. Daily food scraps other then meat are taken to the ducks. Meat scraps, if good, are treats at dinner time for the dogs. Though I could burn, we don't. It's not safe for the environment or ourselves. If we can't recycle, we take it to the dump. I'm also more aware of what I purchase and how the containers can be recycled. For instance, the puppy newspapers from the whelping box, go down to the manure pile and are turned in to lovely compost that is spread on the field in a year or two. Plastic jugs are cleaned out, filled with water and frozen in the freezer in case the power goes out or we need some large ice blocks for a cooler. I check to make sure that I get recycled packaging on most of what I buy. Get glass instead of plastic, reusable bags and heehee, at work we print on both sides of the paper(accounting uses a lot of paper) Just little things we can do.

Anyway, after David went to the dump, I had repotted two of the hibiscus that were over summering outside, done two loads of laundry, cut the old carpet from the dog room into pieces to fit under crates(so the pans don't rattle) gathered up the dog beds that don't fit in my washer and headed to town. First stop-laundromat. Now we have clean big dog beds for the living room and bedroom.

Next-HAGGIS(Hawkeye Area Grand Gaelic Isles Society)!!!! Well their annual festival, All Things Scottish, held at Usher's Ferry. Last year the entire historic town was under water. As we walked around the blue tape high up on the buildings demonstrated the highest level-some points over our heads by 6-8'! WOW. Many of the buildings are able to be restored, but it will be a long time coming. They do have a few done already. All of the buildings are donated then moved to the village. Lots of other events happen there during the year. Check it out at Usher's Ferry/Seminole Valley Park.

We took Eddie and SP along because of course it was also a Celtic Fest. Loads of attention from people and SP decided to channel her demon side and refused to walk on lead-well on the correct side. Instead she chose the wrong side and between my feet. Eddie was not impressed with the grunting men at the hammer throw. Bagpipers or as David teases Meredith-cat pipes. Isn't that what it sounds like sometimes? Someone squeezing a cat? Not on Eddie's top ten lists either. But he did get a lot of attention and photos taken of himself--it's those blue eyes that pull everyone in. Of course SP was just as adorable, when I wasn't trying to hang her so that she didn't walk between my feet.

We came home with tea and shortbread but sigh, a sad good bye also. Our dear friend Patricia Cross is closing her store in Dubuque. We chatted with her for awhile and said it was sad to see her go but with her husband ill and retired now, time to move to FL where family is. The Yorkshire Rose will end it's 30 year legacy on Bluff Street and Cable Car Square next Saturday. We are going up to say one more good bye and see if there's anything that we need or I want that can help us to remember a good friend. A store of unique items, quality British goods and lots of stories.

On the way home, tired puppies in the tahoe, we detoured to one of the last apple orchards in our area. And yes, the Ms got her wish and ran amok in the orchard, basket in hand, picking her own apples. Okay, we do have apple trees at Mom's but this was better. Upon examination of her map, she was able to locate the perfect tree, with her perfect apples in it--Red Delicious. The tree was FULL of red shiny pesticide free apples. At a $1 a pound, no matter what variety, it was a steal and I think the est of 10# per basket was off-she must have crammed at least 15# in there. We'll be drying some of those today in the dehydrator, making some sauce later in the week(I'm going back for more cooking apples) and then how about some apple jelly?

Today, it's laundry, flying a kite-seriously and if the wind dies down some, launching a rocket. Apple slicer needs to be found so that that the dehydrator can be filled and hum, maybe a walk to the creek with a group of fourlegged kids? I'm also thinking a good cup of tea(with milk and sugar of course) some scrumptious biscuits and a good book sitting on the in the sun---supervising David at the continuing adventures of the duck hut.

Enjoy your weekend--it's all you have!

Later gators....

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