Friday, September 25, 2009

Tail of a toad

Thanks for the name suggestions! Still not sure what her real name will end up being, she seemed to turn on the charm last night and became SP again, for about a nano second, then she started barking.

It's raining, love it. Since we had our flooding incident around the annual dog show, God decided to give us a break, for 23 days to be exact. Not a drop of rain. Granted it was nice not to have muddy foot prints all over but then the dust on the gravel roads really got to me. And my tahoe. It turned from a navy blue to a tan suv and I hate tan.

This morning, it's raining. Letting dogs out in shifts, mostly to the front yard as it's not as muddy. The back yard seems to have mud holes, not puddles, holes, and I think I can attribute that to Frankie, Dove, Merlot and hum, the hooligans? They love nothing more then making a mess.

Hooligan 1, Hooligan 2, cohorts in crime Frankie, Dove, Turner, Click, Lace and the three toys go out back. I see blurs of red and brindle as they run to the fence to tell the ducks to quit having so much fun.

Then I hear-bark bark bark bark pause bark bark bark bark.

I will admit, I think I was wrong in my evaluation of Connie. She used to be busy, no time to chat, go go go go go. She's a little more mellow now, I think the duct tape on her ears might have something to do with it.

Bark bark bark bark.

Peak my head out the slider door and Connie is leaning up against the house. SP is pouncing at her, around her, barking at her. Or so I thought.

Alec looks and decides to investigate as Connie is now staring at the ground.

Tag team time-seems they cornered a toad. Connie was sitting in such a way as to block off it's escape route and SP was herding it as best as you can herd a toad. Now this isn't just any toad, it's the size of Alec's hand. Seen his hands lately? They are huge. Alec is now double over laughing. I roll my eyes and tell him to find something to pick it up with(he doesn't usually touch those sort of things-silly farm boy). See toads who wander in to enemy territory usually perish. It's not a quick death either, it's torture. One collie on one leg, one on another and a cardi somewhere in the middle. Toad parts everywhere and frothing dogs.

As he starts to move it, SP has a hissy fit--what are you doing to MY toad???? Safely on the other side of the fence and much to SP's dismay, it's out of harms way. As I left for work, SP was hunting for more, David and Alec will report if she finds any.

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

ROFL!! Hmmmmm...toad I see a new event at Nationals??? ;)

Sharrie said...

Hope that toad knows how lucky it was. Herding a toad would be quite an event!