Sunday, September 27, 2009

Duck vs Dog(s)

Yeap, it happened. Been three long years and other then the damn turkey committing suicide, nothing out of the ordinary. Let me back track and say that the chicken died the first night outside, lost a hen to a coon last fall but other then that, no worries man.

Until Moose. He is so deep on my shit list that I don't know if he will ever see the light. Then again, I could blame Merlot as she's always an easy one to blame, because she does do a lot of stupid things.

David isn't feel well on Friday night. Filled the bins full of duck food, feed the ducks, came inside. Can you guess what happened next? Yeah, didn't shut the gate tight enough or all together. It will stick and hard to open even when it's not locked, but one good bounce by a dog, run into by a stupid turkey, and it will pop.

About 8:30 or 9, David sticks his head out the front door and then slams it shut, grabs his boots and mutters about ducks loose. Huh? So I walk out and he points out a duck wedged by the front stairs--well away from their pen. Scanning the yard, nope no one else loose. I pick up the unlucky duck with lots of feathers missing, a little limp but no blood at all. One of the white Anconas that's for sale(I can now officially say it's used to being worked by dogs!) Walk to the pen, lots and lots of feathers. Turn and Moose is like-yeap, so there, gottem. Merlot is way back in the yard, kind of an - Uh oh type look. Guilt if you ask me. The ancona is actually fine. Put it back with the flock, David is apologizing about forgetting the gate.

Next morning, duck's still alive and looks good-no worse for the wear. Moose and Merlot are still on the shit list but at least I know that they pluck rather then go for blood.

Yes the joys of stock and dogs. Today the solid fence with the secure gate is starting to go up.

Later gators...


penni said...

It would be nice if someone invented an open gate beeper alert. I suppose it could drive you crazy while the gate is open, but it would perhaps prevent the near duck loss.

Cindy said...

After the whole suicidal turkey, I'm paranoid about the poultry vs dog happenings. Only thing keeping Moose and Merlot from being worse then at the bottom of the perverbial deep hole, is that indeed, they were more concerned about keeping them where they were supposed to be then eating them. Now Max...... that's what landed him in rescue.