Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Iowa Corgi Frap

Okay, here is the information as requested.

Many states hold annual corgi picnics. There is an MN/IA picnic but unfortunately it falls on a date that many in both states can't attend, so a group of us decided to hold one later in the summer.


Usually the last full weekend in July, this year it will be on the 25th.

Location--Central City, IA at the Foggy Bottom Farm. I will post a link to a map in a day or two.

Time--10ish to ?????

Food--- but of course, lots of it. David and I provide bbq chicken, grilled sweet corn, lemonade and iced tea. Plates and such are also provided. This year the garden is really in full swing so some garden delights-snow peas, broccoli, lettuce, zucchini and maybe some beans, but no tomatos yet. Please bring a side dish to share-desserts always welcome as we have a sweet tooth. Doggy treats welcome too.

The area where the picnic is, is fully fenced and corgi proof. Corgi wanna bes also welcome as we know they dream of being a corgi one day. We've had Ibizian hounds, collies, sammies and lots of other wanna bes and it just makes it that much more fun.

Also if you read this blog and are interested in meeting a corgi, come on over. Everyone is welcome.

Suggestions for games readily accepted. We do have a few wading pools out, ice to chew, and lots to bark at. Please bring an ezup if you have it, it's been hot a few years and we don't have enough trees yet.

Also taking donations for a small silent auction for CorgiAid. A lovely little girl that benefited from a grant last year, will be in attendance this year!!!

That's about it-looking forward to all the fun and conversations we can have. I promise Eddie will try to be on his best behavior but you know Eddie. Oh and puppies---they will be 10 weeks old, have 2nd shots and would love nothing more then socialization time with adults, children and other dogs. Sunday will be Leonard's(Papa) trip to his new home, Sienna and Lee are hanging around till mid August.

If you have any questions, email me at fogebotom at aol dot com . Yes I had to spell it out-blogger doesn't like emails posted.

Later gators....


Winjammin' said...

"Also if you read this blog and are interested in meeting a corgi, come on over."

LOL....oh boy will they ever!!! Talk about a welcoming committee!!! What is the usual average attendance...around 30 Corgis of both breeds and about 10 other breeds?

Picture 30 politicians greeting you with one hand and stealing your lollipop with the other...such is the Corgi way! LOL

In all seriousness, it is a ball, and everyone plays well together. All the 4 leggers always go home tired and happy. Of course, then there's some of our crew who would rather stay there and play... :o)

Scott said...

Our Caleb is also a CorgiAid recipient (before we adopted him), so Carly won't be the only CorgiAid beneficiary there.

Cindy said...

I totally forgot about Caleb and his ties to CorgiAid. We will have to get a photo with him and Carly!!!!

Can't wait to see everyone and yes, I love Rus description, politicians one and all.

Sherilyn said...

Except, instead of stealing lollipops, watch your chicken! These politicians, typical of all politicians, are carnivores! hehe

Scott said...

If I remember correctly, last year didn't a corgi-loving couple who had no idea about the picnic stop by after they'd seen the bunny-butt signs on hwy-30? If that's not a testament to the power of a corgi butt, I don't know what is!

Cindy said...

Yes indeed! I forgot about that. You will find your way to our farm by following the bunny butt signs! I have those ready to put up on Saturday morning after I go to the farmers market for corn.

Sherilyn said...

Just be sure you don't get quite as much corn, since Meredith won't be there to eat her 2 dozen ears! LOL

Kodi said...

Drat, I am supposed to go to a wedding that day. I will see what I can do to get out of it. I've been dying to meet you all! Been reading all your blogs since I got Kodi from Connie in Feb. (Trying to learn Cardi's after a lifetime of collies.)

Also - Kodi needs a good frapping with his own kind instead of an ancient collie and a middle-aged pug.

-Carol- said...

Boy, does that sound great! What a great time you'll have. I'm jealous!

Kodi said...

Wedding is at 3:30 - so I'm going to do the crazy thing and drive 3 hours each way to be there for two! (10-12)

I can't miss the opportunity to meet my "local" corgi people and pick your brains on some things. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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