Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's finally over and we are all exhausted. I know anyone who's been in 4-H, had kids in 4-H or volunteered for this wonderful organization, knows that you wait all year for county fair, then can't wait for it to be over.

As noted before, Meredith had ducks entered. Linn County has the single largest poultry show in Iowa and when it finally ended at 9:30ish on Thursday night, we all agreed, it's now a double judge show so we can get out of there earlier. Since her ancona's had molted the last two weeks before fair-again, it always happens that way, she had no big anticipation of winning big. So in the light duck class, another ancona won, simply for his condition, though he did have incorrect markings. But the surprise is that Paige, the lone Indian Runner we have left, took Reserve Light Duck. All got blues in the end, so that was okay too. Everyone loves Paige and she really is a wonderfully correct Runner.

The ancona and cayuga ducklings spent the week at the Cock-A-Doodle Zoo and it was the best way to get them hand tamed. Loads of kids playing with them all week long. The Pekins and TJ the Turkey also went up and more kids found it fun to be able to pick up a big duck and then hand feed TJ and the Pekins. Good learning experience for them all. They came home happy and tired birds last night.

In the dog building, Meredith got a blue in showmanship then it was wait until Sunday for the obedience and agility. In between, yes, we were up there all 5 days of the fair, we took Old Glory up for the Draft Horse pull--no she didn't pull, just wanted to have another type of draft. She was a hit and handled all the chaos of the pull well.

I honestly don't think we got to bed before 10:30 or 11 each night and most mornings up by 5 or 5:30. I need a vacation now.

On Sunday at the dog show, Moose and Meredith were an awesome team, in the beginning. They ended up with the High Scoring Regular class dog with a 196 in obedience. Jazper also got a blue but with all the dust up there, this was his retirement show. Now Moose fell apart in agility when he got too excited after the teeter and darted out of the ring to see his public. So no score there, other then he was doing really good to that point. Ah I see more agility classes in his future.

One more show, bear with me. Monday, yesterday, was the horse show. It's hurry up and wait time. Glory won the draft class and once again, the judge remarked about how spectacular a draft she was, even saying she was one of the top three horses in the ring today. But no champion or reserve-though she still got a trophy. Moo was a gentleman and they did awesome in the trail class. I think she's caught the bug and now we have to build trail equipment for the front yard ;0) 4th place in her age division!!!

So fair is done. Booths are torn down, ribbons litter the dinning room table and she's plotting what will happen next year and all I want is to make it through the end of August.

On a sad note, we made the difficult decision to send the puppy, Dawn, to the rainbow bridge on Saturday afternoon. It's about the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Old dogs or ones that I have had for a long time are hard, but you can prepare yourself for that. It's the young and those that you only have in your life a short time that seem harder. I think Henry was super difficult, knowing that if he had been treated earlier at the shelter, we might have had a chance. But a baby with no reason to be sick, it's torture. Unfortunately, she started seizing again on Friday night. All test had come back normal so Doc feels she had something wired wrong in her brain or a tumor. A total fluke and only God knows why. So it's out there for people to mull over and take as you will. No one feels(vets that is) that it's genetic. With no history of it in either line, it's just something we couldn't predict happening. Doc was crying with me, how come it's the always the cute ones?

This is the one reason I am open about the health of my dogs. I keep an extensive record of all puppies -pets and show, that I produce and have what would be called an open data base available to anyone. Just ask and I'll be more then happy to provide you with the information you need. Unlike some breeders who chose to hide their dogs faults, isn't it in the best interest of the dog to share?

Well now I have to find my house and yard before the 25th and the annual Iowa Corgi Frap. I know I have a dinning room table under all those trophies, ribbons and projects!

Later gators...


Sherilyn said...

Big congrats on the fair wins...that's awesome, and sounds like Meredith represented the family very well!

So sorry to hear about Dawn...I know that was difficult, and my heart breaks for you and for her. Some things are just not meant to be, and only God knows why? Hugs to you, and wish we could have been there to share your pain.

See you soon,

Scott said...

Cindy, condolences for Dawn. It's never easy, but she is no longer suffering, and that's the important thing.

We're looking forward to seeing you on the 25th with Caleb and little Tasha (who's not so little anymore!)

penni said...

That's it, Cindy -- I'm not reading another post-County fair post again! I'm now exhausted and need to take a nap. Of course, my desk is piled high with paper, and the to-do list is fourteen hands at the shoulder, but your week's activities wore me out.

I'm glad your clan did so well. Aren't you glad the County Fair is only held annually?

manymuddypaws said...

how sad about the baby, but you and your vet made the best decision for her.

sometimes these things just happen, and I don't think anyone would or should judge you.

Dawn said...

I am sorry to hear that amongst the enjoyment of the fair you had the sadness with Dawn. Peace to you

Kim said...

Congrats to Meredith on all her ribbons at the fair! I lived for the fair every year too!

So sorry about Dawn puppy.

Lybertygirl said...

Congratulation on a great fair week!

So sorry to hear you had to let the little one go. A tough decision to make but it sounds like you and the vet were in agreement. Sometimes things just happen, no one knows why. Anyone who would hold that against you is just clueless.
I am impressed with your open book policy and wish more breeders were like you. How can we consider ourselves to be reputable breeders if we conceal things about or dogs.

Kodi said...

So sorry about the little one. It's never easy.

What/when/where is the Iowa Corgi Frap? Kodi wants to play!

Kodi said...

(Kodi is Ella's brother and lives in Des Moines)

Cindy said...

OH come over Kodi!!!

Frap info will be posted today!!