Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easily amused and very tired too

There are some days that I am easily amused. Usually when I’m coming down off a week of chaos and am extremely tired. Like this week.

So last night I decided it was time for the brats(not the brats I grilled to be mentioned later-reminder I am easily amused right now-heehee) in the xpen to expand their world and go outside. No sorry, no photos, the batteries in the camera went dead so I had them on recharge while they were playing. Anyway, this is the first litter that went outside and immediately took off for the hills. Not a fear of something new. Though I now have to put up something by the steps so they don’t squeeze behind them. I fear one getting in but not being able to get out. Go figure it was Lee too. It was actually a great time for me to just sit back and relax, watching them exploring their new environment-remember right now I am easily amused.

So they raced around the planter bed, spilled water, pummeled Eddie, grabbed their mother’s tail and tried to kill it. One hosta is a little worse for the chewing, so are a few pansies. Lee, once again, proved why he’s a Harry in Red. The goofiest puppy of the litter and would run to the 3” tall grass, plop down and play-you can’t see me. Then he would crawl through the grass like a snake. Way too funny and he knew it.

Pissy Pants aka Sienna, who is no longer living up to her fun name, has taken on both boys and won. She was in charge of running the foot path and barking at the other dogs. Sweet Pea spent quality time with Eddie and managed to slime him. Connie had a hair up her butt and it was zoomie time all night. Then there’s Papa aka Leonard. He can’t decide if he wants one ear up or not. I am so thankful that none of them have ears up yet. I always dread those early ears-they tend to be smaller, lighter in weight and just not correct cardigan ears when they grow up. Leonard’s only got the one, so at 7 ½ weeks, I’m not upset at all. None of the rest are ever considering going up—thank GOD!

I did manage to get some stacked photos – they are posted on the website under WEEK 7. Not to shabby, though they figured out what cheese was and were just up from a nap, so not as good as they should be-squirmy little things! Connie is the only puppy available. Yes she’s a dark black brindle with tons of spunk and would make anyone a great companion.

More amusing items are that TJ the Turkey didn’t learn a damn thing from his sibling’s early demise, nor from the week being harassed at the petting zoo. This morning he was sitting on the fence where he had roosted all night long. We go out and check the fence first before letting dogs out in the morning-he was lucky.

And more you say? How about playing tag with a collie? I was bored while the brats were on the grill for dinner so Lace and I played catch me around the trailer. She’s one smart cookie and knew that she could out run me-I got a nip right in the butt cheek for that one. She’s one sassy girl when she wants to be. Practiced a few weave poles, the dog walk and then some rally advanced and excellent moves--she might just have to come out of retirement and try a few runs for another title.

Yes one more. As I have stated over and over again, I’m open about my life and dogs. Why hide things? Why act secretive? I find it absolutely hilarious the lengths that people go to to hide or even purposely omit things on their websites. Yes I do have a few things on mine that due to a few people’s copyright infringement can only be viewed with a password but everyone knows about that. The next best thing is the lies that are told. They tend to evolve into a life of their own—ever notice that? Or the way people warp the truth to suit their current set of ethics? But by far the thing that gets the most chuckles out of me is that those people think they are much more ethical, more reliable and better because of their secrets, lies and tall tails. ,Unfortunate for them what they might be doing to thwart one person, actually makes them look seedy and suspicious to the rest of the world. Good Job!!! Roflamo is all I can say. Thanks for the chuckle.

To which I remind those reading this blog-you know about me. You read about my life here and on the website. I don’t remove posts, don’t change them(well other then if I see a spelling or grammar error that I didn’t catch before) and the same on the website. Wysiwyg in computer terms.

Lastly, to address a comment from LybertyGirl about Dawn. Yes, there are people in this world who will use her passing as a tool to belittle me, condemn me and to pass judgement on me for the worse. They will also turn it to what they think is their advanatage when they are asked about me and will say that I breed sick, unhealthy dogs and that I am unreliable as a breeder. It’s such a shame, not something I am amused by at all. Those same people are just the ones I noted above who harbor secrets and are not open and honest to all about their dogs.

To end on a chuckle, how about this--I ate too many of these and regretted it last night. Not funny at the time but this morning I laugh at myself and am reminded that less is more sometimes. Zucchini pancakes with some of our first picks of the garden. Did I not remember that those darn plants explode with fruit? Yes it will be 101 ways to use zucchini over the next month! Anyone want any? Beets too or lettuce or beans or or or..... my eyes were too big for my stomach this spring when we planted the garden-heehee.

Later gators.....



Dawn said...

What recipe do you use for the zuchinni pancakes. The one we have has egg,breadcrumbs and parmesan. But it gets pretty salty tasting. So I am in the market for a new recipe.

Cindy said...

Not too salty at all for me. But then again, I'm into salt this week-go figure.

Good luck and if you find another on to share, let me know!!! I have those darn green things coming out my ears and need ideas besides bread and pancakes.

Cindy said...

Cut 1/2 of my comment--here's the recipe:

The recipe I use is just about the same but it's 1/4 cup of flour instead of breadcrumbs and 1/4 cup of cheese or 3 T of parmesan. Oh 1 lb of grated zuc' or what ever you happen to have.

Dawn said...

Tonight we have the nshgc potluck, but tomorrow I will try with flour instead and see if that is better. Later

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh I can just see the puppies having a wee of a time. I must say though that with 3 puppies in 2 yrs...well I like thinking about puppies from afar! hehehehe