Thursday, July 16, 2009

Belated Happy Barkday!!!

I am a bad dog mom, very very bad.

Sending out Happy 2nd Barkday wishes to our most special Ruff Ruff or Rosario or Hugh Ruffner, which ever personality he is at this moment.

Special dog who belongs to an equally special family. Thanks for the ride Kim, Kathy and Nick!!!! Stay tuned--Russ has a special announcement in a few weeks ;0)

And to talk a little more about where he lives, here are a few shots that I just got off the camera from when Meredith was down in LeClaire for the week. A barge on the Mighty Mississippi, a drink at the Go Fish bar and standing beside the cabin at the Buffalo Bill Homestead museum.

Later gators....

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Well guess what I am a very very very bad dog mom! I totally forgot about Ruffles birthday yesterday. I had a couple of things planned but must be when I got up yesterday--I had a major brain fart! But I will make up for it today!

Ruff Ruff's other dog mom.