Thursday, June 25, 2009

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I must admit that the inventor of spell check needs to be sainted. I don't know where I would be without it. I have a super duper version of it on my work computer and I will say that I am just a tad bit spoiled. I do miss-spell, mostly when I am typing fast or of course when my hands are on the keyboard wrong. But what I don't understand is why people don't use the tools given to them. I read so many blogs or surf websites and see horrible spelling, red neck grammar and just simple unprofessional comments.

Now think about this, usually how people write is just how they talk or talking=writing. One of my favorites is the use of "don'ts do" something. And yes, I can honestly say that I have heard someone talk just like that. I feel it's caused not by a lack of education, but lack of self awareness or even a lack of care.

In order to present a professional image, especially when you have a public website or blog, people, people, people, watch what you type! This is now a media where face to face interaction sometimes never happens. Business is transacted with email, tweeter, text or facebook. What a person reads or sees on the Internet, forms the very first impression that they have of you--good or bad. How do you expect someone to take you seriously if you don't act in a business like manner? Grammar and spelling but also what your site says. Sayings, words, comments will either turn someone off or even worse, make them think you have hidden agendas, personal vendettas or in all reality, not a clue about the world around you. Does that make them want to trust you? More then likely not. And many times it just reinforces what they have heard about you.

Boys and girls, time to go back to grade school! First impressions can make or break you-listen to what you say, read what you write, and speak knowing the world is listening.

Oh and yes, I did run spell check before posting this. ;0)

Later gators.....


Scott said...

Amen! Even professional writers are lacking in grammar and proofreading skills anymore. I rarely read a newspaper article (or online news article) without finding at least one typo, spelling error, grammatical error, or other mis-use of the English language.

Don't even get me started on the injustices of the wrong usage of the apostrophe nowadays.

If I as a computer geek can write proper language, can see grammatical issues, catch typos and wrong words, certainly professional writers should have no trouble doing so.

penni said...

I have often had legal externs -- they've earned a four-year undergraduate degree, and have completed at least two years of law school. I cannot tell you how many of them are incapable of writing a coherent sentence, of spelling, and of comprehending the distinctions among there, their, and they're. This is Cindy's soapbox, so I won't write a book, but AMEN! You are so correct. The failure to check what you write may cost you a job.

Lybertygirl said...

My job requires a lot of free text in the sentencing reports I write. The state I work for created a wonderful, statewide, computer program for these reports but DID NOT provide spell check in the program. I have a hard time proofing my own work as I tend to read for content and not typos. So, I would print the report, proof it, correct it, print it again. Then my supervisor would proof it and I would correct what she found, and print it out again. What a waste of paper. After 9 long years they finally added spell check and boy what a difference it made. Think of trees that have been saved!

Now...If only there was spell check for the blogs comments sections (hope I didn't miss any typos - LOL)

Dawn said...

I admit, I am bad about the typos, I am usually in such a hurry, and honestly I guess I do not care enough, or I would be more accurate. Bad me!!

Sharrie said...

Glad to see that someone still cares. Sometimes I wonder. (retired English teacher)

Sherilyn said...

Oh, yes...another one of my pet peeves! LOL I don't mind the abbreviations and texting "shorthand" this world has evolved to, but when it comes to business e-mails or messages, PLEASE use spell-check...that's why we have it! I help over 200 pharmacies on a daily basis, and truthfully, there are times when I have no clue what they are requesting when they e-mail me, or sometimes trying to decipher a voice mail is equally tricky! I have to spend another 10 minutes calling and hoping that I can catch the correct person that called, so I can then figure out what they want, before I can spend another 10-30 minutes fixing it! English, people...that's what we are supposed to speak, write, communicate!

Thanks Cindy!

From the daughter of a Business English Teacher...thank you Mom! :)