Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Panic attack

A mother's work is never done, seriously. Even as they are old enough to fly the coop or at least make their own life decisions, you stand by to help if needed. Just ask Margie. Down at the MO shows a few weeks ago, Mama Marg made it her mission to whip the kids back in shape. At one point she had all the kids-Russ, Ella, Shaker, even Frankie, cornered under the chair at the front of the RV. Yes indeed, she stomped her foot and they all went-Yes Ma'am!

So driving into work today, I have a panic attack. Just down the highway, next road(Austin Rd-one of the other routes I take to the Hwy) is an accident. I slow down, get in the left lane and as I slowly drive by, look at a car, a red car that had some how managed to flip over. Wish I knew how they did it, as the only thing I can think of is it hit the bridge. But red car. Alec drives a red car, had left about a 1/2 hour before and drives the same route to work. PANIC ATTACK! As I try to see the type of car, while still driving, finding my cell phone and not get in accident myself, I dial his number. Pick up, Pick up, Pick up. And yes, he did and yes he did make it into work and yes, he did drive past the accident. Thanks, have a great day, see you tonight. Hang up phone and have shaking hands grip steering wheel.

A mother's work is just never done. Always worry about them, look after them and thank God for them each and every day.

Later gators.....


Holly said...

I can only imagine the panic you felt! So glad Alec was safe at work.

Sherilyn said...

Whew! I know that feeling, and it's awful! Cold chills, near tears, stomach in knots, and can't think until you hear the other person's voice on the phone. Thank God he's ok! I feel for the other person in that car, and hope they are ok, too...that is someone else's child that feels the same way about them that we do about ours. No matter how old they are, they are still our kids and we will forever feel responsible for them.

penni said...

That is a heart-stopping experience. I'm glad your family was safe.