Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A glass of wine, or is it whine?

Got a moment, well, let me tell ya about the day that was plus the evening that beats it all. I have started on a bottle of CAW(cheap ass whine or wine-depending on the day) and if all goes as the rest of the day has, I think I might just finish it too.

I'm sick. As in some sort of throat infection that has my glands the size of shooter marbles. My voice is mostly okay but I can't swallow, can't cough, anything hurts. Drinking is okay, eating-as long as it's something soft. I've been in a rotten mood for a few days now and it's not improving. Add in this is the last day of the month. I work in accounting, that means closing out the month, today. I didn't get my last property done till 2pm and that wasn't the last official one as two I have to keep open and two can't close until I get the word. So why so long with four not to do? College kids. That's all I have to say on the subject and August will be even more fun.

So no billings done yet, no rents deposited yet. Way behind! Did I mention that it's only a four day work week too? I leave work early as this is the last night I have to teach 4-H classes. Get home and start letting dogs out. Seems one dog decided to come in season early-good and bad. I was getting her spayed but that will now have to wait. Meredith was showing her at fair, that too will have to be passed on. But a friend needs a teaser dog for an AI collection, so she's picking her up tomorrow. But that also means letting out dogs seperately and in more then one shift.

I get Moose and Clairee ready to head to class. Now to preface this, yesterday David left early before I had a chance to get all my stuff out of his truck from errands on Sunday. My office and car keys were in the truck. I got the spares, went to work and then David brought me the other set later on so I could get in my desk. Back up a little further and my grooming box with a spare door key is in the tahoe as I haven't cleaned it out since the fun match. Following me here? So my keys are on the console between the seats. Moose and Claire in the back of the tahoe. I put a few dogs in, walk through the garage, come to the car and Moose is standing on the console---got it yet?? I have one of those nifty auto door lock gadgets. Yeap, click and the doors are locked, with all three sets of keys in the tahoe.

My phone is in my pocket, to which I start calling people--my dad first as he's a car dealer and must have some secret to get the keys out. No answer. David-where in the f are you??? Be home in 10 mins. Alec-nope, home in 45 mins. My mother-who calls my dad-duh, no answer. Calls my brother the deputy and he goes looking for dad's jimmy set. No go. Did I mention two dogs in the car, a bag of pretzels, I can see my keys, and I have to be at class in 10 mins??? By this time I started swearing and cussing and stomping around. Dogs retreated to the back seat and just watched in awe.

David gets home, we try everything. Clothes hangers, pry the door, check each door, thinking of coures we missed one. I crawl all around on the ground looking under the tahoe, thinking someone else has been in this situation before and now hides a key. Nope. We bribe Moose into the front seat. I work on my target cues-yeah he targets on the finger I'm pointing at him-need to work on that a little more later. And yes he does step on the keys and yes he does make them click-but ends up relocking the doors at least 4 more times. Again, something I seriously need to work on later.

45 mins into this insanity and my dear, lovely husband, sticks his hands in his pockets and thinks, hum, I wonder..... he has a chevy truck, few years older then the tahoe. Sticks in the truck key to the tahoe door lock and yeap, you guessed it, opens the door.

Now, at this point he figures he needs a reward. To which I say, hey Einstein, why didn't you think of this 45 mins ago!!!!!! So I hop in the tahoe, zoom off to class and am there late, super late.

We do a rally course and then play on agility equipment the rest of the night. But it only gets better.

I call Alec, hey, feed the puppies, will ya. Sure he says. 2 mins later I get a call, what's Dr Joe's number I need to ask him a turkey question. A turkey question at this time of night?? Seems that one turkey that likes to fly up at you when you feed them, is seriously the stupidest turkey around. Hello! look around you, surrounded by carnivores! Yes you guessed it, either TD(turkey dinner) or TJ(turkey jerky) landed in the middle of 5 cardigans and one large GSD. They thought it was Christmas.

It's got lacerations to it's thigh, it's neck, wings and one leg. From what I am getting out of the story, it just laid in a pile in the yard and it's eyes swiveled around. Alec thought, let's just put it out of it's misery now. David can't find the hatchet so goes and gets the trusty shot gun. For those unaware of the past events with David and his trust shotgun, he's only allowed to have turkey shot in it-very appropriate for right now. But as they look at it, they decide to give it a few minutes. David offers it some food, which it tries to take off his hand. Yeap it's good. So after a call to Dr Joe, the wounds are cleaned out with chlorehixidine, it's now residing in one of the indoor dog runs in the garage with its pal, the othe turkey. It's eating and drinking and moving around. Will clean out the wounds twice a day and watch for infection. What I won't do for a turkey dinner.

Want one more event??? How about the mallards that decided to join the domestic ducks for dinner tonight??? Yes indeed, as the other ducks were being fed, two mallards flew by, then dropped in for a snack. Ate, wandered around a little then flew down to the creek.

Okay, let's recap-sick, truck, keys, dogs, class, turkeys, ducks and just waiting for the other shoe to drop........

Later gators....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Go to bed, go directly to bed, pull the covers over your head and wait until the stars have realigned!

Anonymous said...

Gee what do you guy do for excitement around there?

Cindy said...

And that was pretty much a quiet night! Turkey update--it lived through the night though I fear that I won't have much dark meat for dinner.

Sherilyn said...

OMG! I agree with Kim...go to bed, directly to bed, and take the CAW with you! Hope you're feeling better today and that you have a MUCH improved day today! Hugs!

Jeri said...

I laughed out loud at the turkey landing in the middle of the dogs. Definitely not the brightest bird around! LOL Hope today has been better. :o)