Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I hate technology

Ugh, old servers are the worst. Never know when you can get on or not, what will post and what won't. Could do a darn thing but read email yesterday. Couldn't even send some emails till late yesterday.

I am happy to report that yes, Kim did survive the concert with the kids on Sunday night. Nick and Meredith went to see Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. Actually they went to see Taylor Swift, left when Keith came on stage. Now nothing against Keith, but both kids are crazy Taylor Swift fans. After a good long sleep, they went to the park with Ella yesterday(see Ella's post on Kim's blog) and as I type Kim is in the boat with a sweatshirt on while Nick and Meredith are out on the tube, running down the mighty Mississippi. Goodness they have to be cold, but alas, they are young also.

On our way down to Kim's on Saturday we kind of ran into what is becoming typical for any of our road trips-bad weather. Any of you in eastern Iowa or Western IL that experienced the storms late Saturday will know exactly what I am talking about. We drove to it, through it and then out of it, with just enough time to turn south and get hit once again by 70-80 mph winds, rain, hail and I couldn't see the road. Thank God for bluffs. That section of open road on 67 just past the Wapsi was white knuckle. I wasn't sure we would make it! Nick met us at the drive, telling us that the sirens had just gone off too. Yippee. Funny part was 45 mins earlier I called Kim to tell us where we were at, to which she commented it's sunny and bright here at Princeton Beach, and I said, not for long. They had a heck of a ride back to beat the storm, luckily they did, just as the hail followed them down the river.

For those curious about puppies-they are eating more gruel, have the run of the house at night and Eddie's in heaven with someone to play with. I will try to get more pictures up tomorrow night.

Last but not least, Alec had the pleasure of helping finish Bear's championship this weekend. That's #2 champion for our Margie!! Frank shouldn't be far behind needing that one little point and Dove will be hitting the ring again in August. Rogue should be back out later this summer also. The shock of the weekend was Alec getting a 3pt major on Merlot. I still don't believe it but won't go further on that either. I guess she was in prime form and even with the tent rocking due to the wind, she and Krissy ignored it and rough housed all over. It was a pleasant and quiet weekend without her at home. Seriously, my ears and voice needed a break. We all just love yelling-"Merlot-stop that" or "I swear, I'll debark you myself in about 10 seconds if you don't SHUT UP!" She is full of it, all the time and sometimes, ya just need a break. The collies have gotten to the point of sitting on her when she gets to be too much ;0) But you know, she tolerates every thing you throw at her and is one of the most willing obedience dogs I have. Now to find the time between training Moose, Lace and Frankie, to fit her training in.

Later gators....


Sherilyn said...

LOL We missed you this weekend, but I'm sure it was nice without listening to Merlot barking and carrying on! We had it in stereo with both girls and mom Ruby thrown in! We all survived, even though we filled the bottle of "NO" several times. ;)

Bear and Alec looked good out there together for the BOW, and Bear did a fine job of keeping up with Daddy Boo and Sulley when the judge had them go around and around and around. The comment she gave us later during pictures really made us all feel good. She LOVED Bear and seriously considered putting him up over all 3 nice specials. Wow!

And Alec even coaxed Bekka into the picture with Merlot! He said that she's the one that won the tough class with her, so she should be in there, too! So we'll finally have a picture of the 2 of them together! LOL

And yes, the boys convinced me to get in the picture with Bear, so even I had to have my picture taken...we all know how much I just LOVE that...NOT! ;)

Hope you are feeling better!

See you soon!


Kathy said...

Hey, Kathy, not Kim, took them to the concert. I should get my points when I can...