Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turkey Jerky

I'm officially naming them-Turkey Jerky being the stupidest one of the two, his smarter pal, ie the one that stayed in the poultry yard, is Turkey Dinner.

Update on TJ-still clucking. He's up, eating, drinking and pooping. So there's hope for some tasty turkey later in the summer.

Forgot this little tidbit last night. I suggested to Alec that he bring over the other turkey to keep the injured bird company. So Alec goes and gets it, you can hear him muttering as he carries it through the yard-stupid bird, hard to catch, etc etc. Then as he comes into the garage I hear "Oh shit!" Panic. Did he drop the bird, it claw him(see the claw mark on my leg from last week), is it loose???? No just oh shit---heehee, it shit on him as he was walking through the garage. About spewed the whine I was drinking. Just a nice cherry on top of the whole nights events.

Yeap, as Jinne asked, that's pretty much a typical night for us. I thrive on chaos but I honestly was looking forward to coming to work today. Scary isn't it?

Later gators....

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Anonymous said...

They don't call them Fowl/Foul for nothin