Friday, May 15, 2009


I teach 4-H classes for our county. It's hard but rewarding work. But last night, I became the student myself and well, enjoyed the heck out of it. Moose and I are training with what I feel is one of the areas best obedience trainers. She has mostly herding breeds so understands what it takes to keep these guys interested in training.

I must admit, I am a little behind in working dumbbell exercises, but with what I have seen in two short sessions with the boy, we should be right up with those fetching fool goldens by next week. Our broad jump is pretty sloppy too-no, really sloppy. Got some good tips on getting lard butt a little more graceful over them.

But what I was so happy with was the rest of the class. Our heeling is so much better then a month ago. Attention games-oh he's got those down and faster then the happy happy goldens. We worked some drop on recall games and well, again, not an issue with him at all. He played the games, did perfect recalls, drops and recalls again. Long sits and downs were great-he's got a little work to do at the 2 min mark but not bad for his first real try at it. Everyone laughs at his long downs.

I got some great pointers to take back to my 4-H open class kids, so watch out guys--it's going to be a work out.

Next week, it's Merlot's turn in to start her novice level competition class. Should be interesting to see if she decides to pout or be a smarty pants puppy.

Later gators....

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