Friday, May 15, 2009

Ms Manners

This topic is kind of stuck in my head. I was talking to my mother a few days ago and this kind of came up in the conversation. She has commented in the past about where she works, the lack of respect that happens, the rudeness. So here's my part on this: where did all our manners go?

When growing up, we were always told that anyone older then yourself or in a position of authority was called by Ms, Ma'am, Sir, Mr or Mrs. I got chidded at my last job for calling the senior member of the ownership sir or Mr. , he would go-is my father around? I was always taken aback by that because he is an older gentleman himself.

Okay, how about please, thank you, may I, your welcome, may I be excused? I was drilled to say those things growing up and totally expect my own kids to do the same. The looks of "oh my" I get when I say those phrases, shocks me. Why should people these days be shocked at politeness?

Holding the door for a lady or for someone who needs help. Letting someone go ahead of you in line or up the stairs. Gentleman-walk between your lady friend and the street. Hold the umbrella for her while she gets in the car and open the door for her to the car so she can get in and out. Picking up something when it's dropped, saying I'm sorry or not talking with food in your mouth. Oh elbows off the tables, knowing how to set a table correctly and do something kind without expecting acknowledgement.

Writing a hand written letter not just a short email. Returning something borrowed in just as good or better condition. Offering to help a neighbor, picking a dandelion bouquet for your mother and learning how to do cats cradle. Okay so it's not just manners but where did the time go when being a kid, was being a kid? Parents were authority figures and roll models? And we were taught to respect our elders?

Man, I don't think it's just global warming that is going to be the downfall of mankind.

Later gators...

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