Thursday, May 14, 2009


Okay, just to get this out in the open--I want to say that I totally agree with you, Sarah. Yes points are broken, yes sometimes life gets in the way and yes, we can't always controll the events of a day-and it bites. BUT in today's world, we have the technology to make everyone's life a little easier. Judging schedules are available 2 weeks before a show. We have email, cell phones, snail mail, chat groups and word of mouth. As a courtesy to exhibitors and to abide by the sportsmanship pledge that the AKC has, we should be courteous to other exhibitors. That means if you can't make or just don't see that it's worth coming for, just a short line-one dog absent, that's all we ask. Yes some will be mad even if you do say something, they'll get over it and there are other shows with other majors or points. It's just a dog show for goodness sakes. It's not brain surgery.

This weekend for example is was a major on the nose for one day. One dog had finished two weeks previous and we asked the owner to show to hold the major for everyone else. That exhibitor didn't have to do it, but other's had done it for her in the past, so she was more then happy to return the favor. Ended up not needing her to show her dog as another dog didn't show. She was a little upset that she brought the dog and no one told her that it had broke and she didn't need to show him. I apologized - wasn't my dog that was absent- but apologized for making her do all that work for nothing. What I'm trying to get it is that it can be an extreme inconveniece to other's. Where has our society come to that we have lost so many of our manners?

Murphy's law says if it can go wrong, it will. We all have that happen, we can't prevent it and most people after the fact will know you couldn't help it. Weather, tires blowing, sick kids, hurt dogs, work, life and bad luck, all contribute to things not going the way you plan. Heck, I've offered to come to the ring puking just to hold the points, but no one wanted to run me to the ER after the show ;0)

Apologies out if the situation is such that you haven't had a chance to connect with anyone yet- again, life happens. Hope that everyone is safe and sound though.

So back to the point of this all---where are your manners? Common courtesy, if you can't say anything nice-don't say anything at all, don't put your elbows on the table and no white before Memorial Day. Cover your mouth when you sneeze, ladies-sit properly when wearing a skirt, hold the door for someone else and men-walk between the street and a lady. Ms Manner's would be appalled to attend a dog show!

Later gators....


coopercreek said...

You know some of us think of those things such as calling or emailing if we wouldn't be able to make it to the show.

Not everyone thinks of it, though. I guess cause it happens to them. They go to a show, people don't show up and no one bothered to tell them.

Sorry to say what comes around, goes around.

I just hope all is well with them and their dogs.

Cindy said...

I truely hope that nothing seriously happened also and I am trying to remember to be courteous to everyone around me at the shows, now more then ever. I just felt for the person who came because we asked her to, didn't need to and well, put a strain on her that she didn't need.