Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where is my head?

I got so excited about Russ, that I forgot that yes indeed we did show a few other dogs this weekend. Duh.

Well the short and sweet of it in obedience is that there was none. I swear, the scheduling god's must have it out for me. 8:30 ring time for cardigans and novice b obedience both days. By the time I get done with cardigans, they are on long sits and downs already. Oh well, a nice donation to the club. Melinda and I had a good laugh about that-she was all ready to have a nice relaxing weekend with Phoenix and play in novice since he's not ready for open yet. But no, gotta get up at the butt crack of dawn. Said-see you at class on Thursday!

Dove and Fred were entered on Saturday. I already knew the judge didn't like Frank from a previous judging experience but no idea what he would do with the Pogo Stick. Well I guess he likes her ;0) Dove took WB, Best Puppy and on to a Puppy Herding group1. Fred was just warming up for the veterans and Alec had wanted to just play with him. Many asked who that was that he was showing as both of them were having so much fun. I knew the judge wouldn't do anything with him but it was really heartwarming to see those two out in the ring again. Bear took WD and is now securely singled out. We have a nice picture with the both of them on the stand coming.

Saturday night we went to Princeton and ate at Go Fish. Cute little place right on the river. View is awesome and we watched the barges go up and down all night. Back for corgi frapping in the living room and great conversation. Thanks once again for the Gibson's opening their home to the cardigan crew. Left over ribs were awesome and everyone, including the cats were well behaved.

Sunday-well, you know what Ruff Ruff did. Nothing for Frankie or Dove(well a RWB). It was a shame that the major broke. Now, if someone can't come -family emergency, broke down vehicle or such, I totally understand and well, most people will call afterwards to say sorry. But when we all made the attempt to get all the dogs there and one doesn't show up, no call, no nothing, we all get kind of peeved about it. Especially when one dog just needs a major, one finished a week before and came just to hold the major and all the rest could have used the major, well, inconsiderate. Lots of wasted time on the other exhibitors part. The judge understood why the last minute pulls of the present dogs-actually she was cool with it. Some would consider it rude to have their entry cut like that but she was pretty good about it.

Fred was showing veterans with Breechie. Lots of clapping and hollaring for those two old dogs. The judge told Alec later-she loved Fred but wanted to spread the wealth a little ;0) Tell you what, I will show to Mrs Penta any day!

Let's see-oh Nicky was there with Deb. Got his first point then went on to show in juniors with Louis and win their class. He's such a good boy, can't wait to see more of them out in the show ring.

Last but not least, The Ms and her little blue dog. He was full of himself-barking, playing with the aussie, bouncing off of everyone. They won their class! Nice entry too.

So there's our weekend recap. It's a few weekends off now for us. No shows, lots of gardening, house cleaning and this weekend, the infamous Goodwill Run to clean out the basement a little.

Later gators...


Winjammin' said...

You forgot to mention that the ring steward thought that the Cardigan people were a total class act, for letting everyone know ahead of time that they might be pulling their dogs, and why. After all, I told them, why take points away from someone who needs them. She thought that was way cool.

Cindy said...

Yeap both the judge and the ring steward were impressed with the consideration that the group of exhibitors had on Sunday. Great group, all of them!

Cindy said...

I also forgot to add that yes, the Onofrio results for juniors are wrong! AKC and Onofrio are working on getting those corrected.

Sarah said...

Sorry to disagree, but you know, sometimes you just can't make it to show your dog. I think that not too long ago, you were on the receiving end of that same criticism, and it was in the best interest of your dog not to show him on a particular day. And that's your prerogative to do so. While it's frustrating, it happens, and we all have to do what's best for our own dogs. I used to say the same thing, but a couple of years ago, someone ripped into me and tore me up one side and down the other for voicing my opinion. I remember when Kane finished, after a harrowing 2 hour drive to the show that day and hours spent waiting on car repairs before getting to drive the 2 hours home, I was asked by others if I would come back the next day to hold the major. I did it gladly, but now, 4 years later, I might not do it again, because it really was a mess of a weekend, and I should have stayed at home.

So, just my take on it, we've all been the victim of a major breaking (I can't tell you how many broke when I was helping Laura show Cooper all over the midwest), and well, sometimes other things in life are more important than a dog show.

coopercreek said...

A well known breeder/judge broke a major on me because his/her dog/bitch was out of coat and did not look it's best and he/she did not want the dog/bitch representing his/her breeding line in the ring. That was his/her choice. Did it make me happy that I traveled 6 hours to get to the show? No. Did I go on the internet and tell the world that he/she was inconsiderate? No.

That is one of the downfalls of showing dogs. Things like that happen everywhere and it sucks that your time and money were wasted. But you just have to move on.

I just don't think I would slam the people on a blog without knowing why they weren't there. Anyone can look on Onofrio and see who you are talking about. I know these people and they always show up at shows and would never intentionally break a major. They've had some tragedy lately, and are very good people.

But then again I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm learning lately that life isn't a bowl of cherries. (Darnit. BG)

coopercreek said...

Cindy, I apologize. I just re-read my comment and didn't mean to come across as scolding you. :-) I understand your frustration. I was having an emotional day today. Sorry!

Cindy said...

Didn't take it that way at all and understand about your day-it's a hard one.

Not trying to publicly slam anyone, sorry if it came out that way, but you know, just a little upset at what I see at shows anymore. Rude exhibitors, lack of courtesy towards others and just plain unprofessional behavior. Personally, I didn't care about the points breaking-but I know two other's that were-just from the sheer fact that they didn't have to be there and wasted their time trying to help others.