Monday, May 18, 2009

Stupid people

Oh I have other names for them besides stupid, how about idiots? How about scum? How about I do to you what you did to your dog?

Went over to drop the truck off at my parents so we could work on it later in the day-had errands to run first. My father has a couple friends who frequent the shop and have little rat terrier mix dogs, so it's no unusual to see one darting across the drive when you pull in. So I ask Mom, who's here, didn't recognize the little terrier in the drive. Well, guess what, no one is here, it's a stray.

Now over the years living on the farm, we have had our share of strays-the scottie, the golden with a litter of puppies, even the rogue rottie, but this one takes the cake. Mom said that a blue van drove up to the end of the drive, opened their door and dropped the dog out on the road. Shut their door and drove off. Oh now come on people, what do you honestly think is going to happen to this dog?? That he will be more then happy to come up to a stranger's door and that just because it's a farm they will take the dog in? Seriously you need a smack up side the head if that's what you think. In all honesty, you have now just dropped a dog off in unknown territory. It has no clue about avoiding farm equipment, the farmer's own large dogs, livestock or even the bigger then itself wildlife roaming around. It can't fend for itself, is scared out of it's mind and well, in all likelyhood, will end up as road kill, lunch for a predator or die of starvation.

So here's the question, I know the answer, but still have to throw it out there. Why do we allow this to continue to happen? I understand that some people just don't like animals, some feel they are disposable, so just can't handle them, but we have a responsiblity. Having domesticated these animals over thousands of years, they rely on humans for their basic needs. We did this to these creatures so we are now responsible for them. I totally understand the economic state we are in, but there is help out there. Then again, people are abandoning their children, elderly and each other, why shouldn't that pass right on to a helpless animal?

Oh and let me add, just because it's a farm, doesn't mean it has a room for let sign at the end of the driveway. A dog on a farm isn't free to run(say that as though you are letting an injured bird go or a wild animal is set free from a trap). Dogs on farms usually have a job and are trained as such. They are usually well cared for as they are a valuable part of the workforce on the farm. No lots of times they aren't house dogs, they aren't given the super premium dog food but they are treated humanely. More so then that poor terrier dropped at the end of the driveway.

So now what am I doing? Setting live traps and hoping that the barn cats stay out of them and I can catch this poor guy. It wants nothing to do with humans, runs anytime someone appears, has almost been hit by passing cars as it runs along and across the road. Scared out of it's wits because it's in unfamilar territory. Ugh, just what I wanted to do this week.

Later gators....


Sharrie said...

Thank goodness we have not had any dogs dropped off near here, although, the farmer left a beagle when he moved from his farm. Go figure that! We just get stray cats. They do better on their own than dogs, but it is the same kind of thing. Our biggest house cat was a tiny kitten that somebody decided to get rid of because he had ringworm. Like I said, Go figure. Are we really human?

Cindy said...

Cats I don't mind so much. Especially if they earn their keep, which our current barn cat does. But dogs? Come on, this is one big reason we have a feral pack up in our area(we live 15 miles from my parents) They are dangerous and pose a threat to the cattle and sheep herds around us. They have even attempted to attack our horses before and I think that's one reason our's don't our dogs as it is.

Dawn said...

Good luck catching him Cindy.

dreameyce said...

Growing up in rural SE Michigan, our family got many dumped dogs. ALWAYS sad. Freaking idiots.

I hope he's trapped soon, and doesn't get hurt. I too, wish we could do to those humans, what they do to the dogs.