Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free time?

No this is not a question of what do with all of it, 'cause I have very little, but what now?

The garden is all in but one empty row. We have mostly heirlooms veggies in this year. The tomato and pepper starts are supposed to be here by Thursday from Seed Savers. Currently there are two huge rows of pole beans, 3/4 of a row of herbs, 1 row of dragon heart carrots, 1 1/2 rows of mixed heirloom beets and then 1 hill of butternut, 2 of sibley squash, 3 of zucchini and 3 of lemon cuks. Oh and Meredith's broccoli plants and the row of mixed lettuce. Any suggestions for the empty space?

Oh and just got word-the rest of the ducks are arriving in a week! They got delayed on hatching out the show quality ducks so thats why they are so late. More anconas, cayugas and some off color and non recognized runners. I think I told him to throw in something unusual too, just for fun. The roof is on the duck house, will be siding it this weekend and also putting up dividers in the runs. I need to work on finishing the flooring, adding in the watering system and putting in the last door. Right now it's got a temp one in that just has to go! Last but not least, it's time to dig the new pond or make that extend the current one so that I have more pond then marsh.

Not like I don't have anything else to do:0)

Later gators......

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