Monday, May 4, 2009

small pet peeve

We all have things that kind of rub us the wrong way, I certainly have my share, but since this is my blog and well, mostly about my dogs, here's one.

Yes I do breed my dogs and yes I do sell them, not place them, with people. Yes I do consider those people becoming part of my family and expect them to keep in touch with me for the life of their dog(s). Most do and I thank you. In order to get one of my four legged kids, I ask that you follow some simple rules. First fill out the questionnaire on my webpage and email it to me. Pretty darn easy if you ask me. I need to get to know you and you me. Ask to see my contract, I'll gladly send it to you. I don't publish it as I have obtained private permission from the creator of the contract to use and amend as needed for my use, though many will say I scammed it from them--hello, give credit where credit is due--okay another pet peeve for another day.

BUT-when you fill out a questionnaire, if I get back with you-acknowledge me! If you have found another dog or breeder in the mean time, let me know. I will recycle your form into the shredder and make it horse bedding. It's totally inconsiderate in this day and age to ignore someone, or mislead or to play them on. Actually it's just childish and we are all grownups here.

Also, if in the mean time you find another dog-tell me. I won't hate you, I'll be disappointed but won't hate you. In all reality, that just tells me that you were not meant for one of my dogs and that someone else will get the chance. Which is my real beef--be considerate and if you have sent me a questionnaire, let me know to take you off the list so that I can tell someone else yes.

Now-if you do send me a questionnaire and are not willing to wait-say a breeding didn't take or I might not have anything in the future, I will ask you before I send out your private information to other breeders, who might have something available. I try to do right by all who cross my path. I though will also be thankful as a couple people who just couldn't wait, ended up being people who I wouldn't in the end, provide a dog to. I must add here, thank God those people turned down Marg-3 different people. I smile and think, they just don't know what they missed out on!

I have been burned by two, now three, breeders in the last few years. I always ask those that inquire who else they are talking to, don't give them any reason not to buy from me over them but if asked for an honest reference, will give it. I also make sure to contact that breeder and let them know who's contacted me.

So be kind, considerate and for heaven's sake be a sane human being--keep me up to date on what's going on so that other people might have a chance.

Later gators.....

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Anonymous said...

Having just gone through similar crap I totally identify with you. And I agree - the people who disappear or do you wrong are the one's you wouldn't have wanted to deal with anyway.