Monday, April 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday Photos--Wild wild weekend

Okay, just an update on the title as I know that these are great Skywatch photos but no need to create a new post. Have a great weekend!

April 26, 2009--Tornado in Eastern Iowa

Picture heavy post--and unfortunately, start at the bottom and work your way back up to the top!

Okay, this is the cute one--see Phoenix running in from the pasture? Yeah, running for shelter!

Moose is taking a small break and will finish up with the remaining days at the Specialty later this week. But tell you what, it's not been boring around here.

This weekend was off to the Marshalltown show(Heart of Iowa) Well, not too bad. Frank took WD for two more points, now at 9 and needing one major. Dove on Sunday took the points and is now at either 4 or 5, I have to verify that with AKC first. Congrats out to Mel H and finally finishing her boy Indy. I felt so sorry for her having been in that position of needing that one single point-and chasing it for over a year. Ugh, not fun. Oh and we didn't get a chance to talk to her but got to see one of Dawn's babies. He's a charmer, that's for sure and took RWD to Frankie's WD on Saturday.

Weather at that show is either good, with no points available or crappy with points. So yes, crappy this year which leads me to my next adventure.....severe weather. OMG, the photos here will tell it all. We live in rural Linn County IA. Our home was 1 1/2 miles to 2 miles south of a tornado that hit the outskirts of Alburnett, IA, then traveled parallel to a connecting road then whiped out a camp ground at the local county park in Central City, IA. The photos tell it all and hope it's not too much to bog down your computers. It starts looking NW of the house then due north. Talk about Alec, as soon as he stuck his head out the door to see what David was looking at, it was -IN THE HOUSE, DOGS IN THE BASEMENT, FUNNEL CLOUD!!!!!!!

Then you hear David with--DEBRIS, IT'S ON THE GROUND-TORNADO!!!! TAKE COVER!!! Sirens didn't go off till about 5 mins later--even with multiple trained weather spotters in our area, it was slow.
Afterwards we did the loop to make sure the neighbors were okay and got a few pics of the damage. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me and I think it was a lifetime chance to watch her in action. Wouldn't be anywhere but out in the country where you can see her coming!!!
So there you go, an adventure in Iowa.
Later gators.....


Dawn said...

Glad you guys are all OK. Love the horse coming in, no way he is staying out there!

penni said...

Whew! I'm glad you, your family, critters, house are okay. I saw my first toronado when I lived in Wichita. That experience made me so glad to be back in our desert valley where we do not have catastriphic weather events.

penni said...

I actually can spell catastrophic.

Sherilyn said...

OMG! I knew it was pretty bad when I was talking to you on the phone and I could hear Alec and David in the! SO glad you all are ok and that no one else was hurt. Good thing you've got your own "Spotters" living in your house. :)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Holy Crap Bat Man! That was way to close. Thank goodness you guys are alright!

Cindy said...

To top it all off, yes we forgot two dogs upstairs-not my fault as I can't carry the 70 lb lab down the stairs, and I told the boys to get Dove.

I kind of like this type of stuff-it never stops amazing me the power of Mother Nature.

Then I have to call Courtney in VA and relay the fact that her dog coming to her on Monday will not be bathed and I'll be lucky to get his nails done. Poor Torch, leaves home all a flutter.

coopercreek said...

Oh my!! Can't believe how close it was. You guys were lucky.

Holly said...

Wow! Scary close! Very thankful you are all ok!

Enigma said...

Glad you are alright. Incredible photographs. Thanks for sharing!

studio lolo said...

I've been through many hurricanes but never a tornado. I think I'd completely freak out!

Don Wood said...

WOW takes me back 40 years and I was on a trip to Canada and out with my cousin shooting and we run home when he shouted twister. Glad you are all OK just makes you realise how small we really are XXX Don