Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Moose Report-day 7-girl's day out

Wow, the week has just flown by. It's Friday already and well let's talk about my bath. How is it that those puppies get a nice warm bath while moi gets a cold one in the booster bath at the expo center? I figured I rated way higher on the totem pole then those youngsters! But that's okay, Eddie had to deal with freezing water too. I wasn't that dirty after the sheep on Sunday but I needed to shine for the breed ring on Saturday. Mom said that she didn't expect to do a darn thing in breed but just to have fun.

I forgot to mention that Frankie passed his CGC last night. He was one tired pup after all that ring time but he managed to suck it up for a few more minutes. They giggled at him as he fell in love with Pat and climbed up in her scooter with her. He got a little ribbon too.

So up early as the little black puppy went in for her first time, first class of the morning. She acted cute, had puppy play time in the ring and wow, can she move or what? Everyone was commenting that she looked like a black version of her dad Sulley. No ribbons but she had fun and told me later she can't wait to get back in the ring later in the month.

Meredith had to get up this morning too as she was showing her Dovey girl. How did that pup rate having the kid show her? I much prefer the kid then Mom most days-she gives me more treats in the ring while Mom makes me work for them. Anyway, Dove had her A game on. I sat and watched with Mom-from a distance. Meredith told Mom to beat it so Dove wouldn't be looking for her outside the ring. Wouldn't you know it-they got a ribbon!! 4th place at that and another set of windchimes. I will say, she's a pretty little girl-okay, both of them are. I'm kind of sweet on both of them.

After our bathes and blow dries, Mom surprised us by getting our therapy dog vests on. Okay I admit, I was a little put out. I mean, when I get a bath, the whole show thing is going on, I'm supposed to be out there strutten' my stuff. But the collar with the tags and the vests mean work and I didn't sign up for that this trip. Meredith got to show us off in the ring while a really cool gal named Pat talked about what we do. We did get the biggest ribbon of the week with our names on it and all our titles. Phhtttt-I have more then Eddie right now! We also got a neat blanket embroidered with the words "unconditional love" on it. Everyone hooped and hollared for us and I tried to look the part.

We then headed back to the camp site for dinner-it was steak night!!!! I was bushed so I sacked out in the infamous blue lounge chair. Earlier in the week we found out that that particular chair eats people, especially if they have too much to drink ;0) I figured I was safe but seems the humans were picking on me--photo to come later on. Mom was waiting for Alec as he was driving in early from his FFA convention. We also were surprised last night as Connie came in a day early-she had lost her voice and couldn't teach, so decided not to sit at home but come early. Connie brought out her dolls and did some ventriliquist stuff for us-it was fun. Did I mention that the night before Aunt Sherilyn was having too much fun doing smores for us? That's a story for Mom to tell later. We had lots of visitors to our site and made lots of new friends.

Anyway, it had been such a stressful day for me, I crashed in the RV with Meredith and Nick. Mom didn't have the heart to drag me out so I slept there. Mom said that was good as she and Bekka didn't have to share the bed with me.

Tomorrow is breed and then the silent auction-one day left-kind of sad though, I wanted it to last much longer.

Moosie out!!

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busy week well done XXX Don