Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Moose Report-Day 6-the main event

I guess we will call it the main event, since this was the day with most of the dogs doing something. The girls got to sleep in as they didn't have to do a thing, well other then Margie, but today was the only day she had to lift a paw.

The boys were in bred-by so that meant we got to sleep in a little. I made sure it wasn't too late by bouncing on the beds. Packed up, Mom had her tea and we headed to the RV to get bait(umm, last night's left overs!) The boys got all dolled up and headed to the ring. Frankie got his picture on the news(see Mom's earliet post) and so did Bear. Nothing in the class other then a good long look by the judge.

Then came the big events. I sat ring side for awhile and watched. Boo was showing in stud dog with Frankie and Bear. Kerri helped out and handled Frankie all afternoon. That girl is a hoot! I really like her, even though she got a few unflattering photos of me. They took 4th in the class and Uncle Rus was super happy. Next came brood bitch and Margie was, well, not happy at all. Seems she had had a long talk with her boy Alec some time ago about not having to do this "stupid" show stuff anymore. Needless to say she was torked off. Everyone agreed that she looked marvelous-that kind of perked her up some. Most of the time she's very muddy and out of coat-her preferred state. But Mom gave her a bath yesterday and she cleans up pretty good-don't let her hear that though. Anyway, Margie was shown by Uncle Rus, Ruff Ruff was shown by Mom and Frankie by Kerri. Well I'll be darned-they got 2nd in the class!!! Uncle Rus was so happy that when he hugged Mom, he lifted her feet right off the ground ;0) Mom said that wasn't too bad for an old crippled girl ike Marg and Ruff Ruff was on his A game too. They one cool set of windchimes and a big ribbon.

The evening was snack time as the humans waited to go up to the hotel for the annual meeting and awards. Meredith got an award for top Junior level junior. They won a couple things at the raffle--that darn Bekka was the lucky rabbits foot this year-needed a u-haul to bring all her stuff home. They came back to the RV to pick me up-I opted to hang out at the USS Gibson. Then back to the hotel. Tomorrow is an early day as that little shit black puppy has the first ring time of the day-grrrrr.

Moosie out!!!!

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