Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Moose Report-Day 5-sweeps

Just a little back tracking and well shame on me for forgetting this very important part-food! Man do those campers know how to cook! Mom, Bekka and the rest of us spent lots of time this last week hanging around the USS Gibson and the Davenitch Toy Hauler. As noted before, they had lots of xpens up, grass(when it wasn't raining) and toys to play with. While we dogs amused ourselves, our humans worked on the food side.

Sunday night Kim and Kerri did burgers. I got to help too! They were sort of frozen and well, weren't grilling up as well as they should have. Of course some ended up on the ground which I took the serious job of clean up. Nothing like a good burger. Now the humans added in salad, some delicious green beans and brownies. Ummm, brownies, but I heard that the infamous butterscotch bars were headed down with Rus and Sherilyn later in the week.

Monday since it was raining, Mom sprung for Pizza. Everyone agreed, a night off from cooking was good and since it was cold and wet, we all ate in the USS Gibson. Talk about a load of dogs-we tried not to bump into anyone too much ;0)

Tuesday was left overs-not too darn bad either. A little bit from here and there. Amazing what we can pull together!

So here we are on Wednesday. Rus, Sherilyn and the corgi gang from Winjammin arrived late Monday night-boy did that hotel room get crowded or what? The kids were getting ready for sweeps-remember that we had that mass bathing Tuesday afternoon. We'll talk more about my bath later on-brrrr. Of course that means getting up at the "butt crack of dawn". Not sure why the humans get so warped out of shape about that-I'm always game for an early morning romp. Frankie and Bear were all polished, Merlot the wild child, and Dove was being squirrelly-typical girl. Of course I had to wait in the crate until it was mostly over but thats okay, Frankie filled me in that they didn't do anything. They looked cute and had on their best set of ears. That's okay, we aren't holding it against the judges. What usually happens is you do well in one set of classes and poorly in another, so that sets up for a good showing in regular classes. It ended up being a long day with Mom and we headed back to the RV's for some social time while Meredith, Eddie and Nick went to the juniors seminar and handling clinic.

Now, with the entire gang assembled, we decided it was time for some fun. Kudos to Aunt Kathy as she spent most of the day looking for a fire pit. It got a little chilly out and about the last few nights and what better to make the party but a fire. Hum, cedar wood to burn too. Rus, Sherilyn and Mom decided to do some socializing of their very own after dinner--which back to the food--ummm, Kerri cooked the bestest pork steaks, Kim's chicken and lots of salads and of course cheese and wine. Can we talk about wine?? Heehee, Auntie Kim got Mom a whole box of wine. It was okay but Sherilyn came prepared with the official CAW stuff. She and Mom drained most of it on Wednesday night then proceeded to do what they termed as trailer hopping-going down the line of RV's and socializing. Me, well, I went trick or treating! Everyone was happy to give me a pet or two and a treat. Man I love Nationals-the food is awesome!

The weather was turning out better then it started with predictions for lots of sun on Thursday and warm temps. It was a late night on Wednesday and we all headed back to the hotel to get ready for regular dog classes, non regular classes and the annual meeting tomorrow.

Moosie out!!

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