Monday, May 4, 2009

A little calmer weekend, but not by much

After last weekends chaos, which of course happened just at the end of the weekend, I was so hoping for something less exciting-nope. At least this time it was planned and something we all were looking forward to- a wedding.

Spent the week cleaning house, figured Rus, Sherilyn and Bekka might not be able to find their way around, amind the piles of stuff that was sitting around from the last dog show. Didn't help the rain last week made my carpets a mess and the linoleum a nightmare. Darn dogs! So clean we did-except the basement, which is anothe project all together.

Saturday we hit the plant sale at the Nature Center. Having worked in landscaping and garden centers for about 10 years, I get the plant bug bad each and every spring. Traveling south to KS didn't help at all as I got it earlier this year. So with check book in hand, I spent way too much but for a good cause. Got some super nice perennials and woodland plants. Yes woodland and no I don't have any trees, but I do have a couple very nice shady beds that these will go into. Then it's off with the hubby for the annual garden center tour-gotta go here for this, there for that and come home with a lot of stuff. Boy do I have some planting to do. But gotta get home before the guests arrive.

Rus, Sherilyn, Bekka and corgis 8 rolled in mid afternoon and their crew got a great run out in the yard-they were tuckered out. Emmy was showing everyone all the good places in the yard, Boo was strutting around like he owned the place and the rest of the gang including CM just had a blast. Seems Bekka has made their yard even smaller at home, reseeding parts of it, hoping for more grass. We all get our best clothes on and with a gazillon dogs in my poor little house, we all head down to Le Claire for Kim and Kathy's wedding.

The day could not have been more perfect for a wedding. The breeze was soft, the sun was out and Kim and Kathy looked wonderful. We were wrangling the corgis 4 for the ceremony and other then Shaker barking at a few squirrels, other dogs and what ever, they were well behaved. Ella sat on Meredith's lap, I had Russ(Rosario was no where to be seen!), Sherilyn had Music(who really just wanted to stay on her dog bed after the whole pink bow crap started) and Shaker, decided to dig a hole next to Rus' chair and root around with his nose.

We had a great time with Kerri and Tom too. I think many of Kim's other guests figured out about us rowdy dog people! I lost my hubby off and on during the night, ever the man to converse with but did find him when it came time for champagne-he even called his shot and got the cork into the pond, via a couple bounces off the tree and the ground. We called it early and headed home. It felt good to get in to our own bed and yes, the dogs let us sleep in.

Rus, Sherilyn and Bekka headed home about noon--never had such wonderful house guests! The dogs had a blast, went home a little dirty but they all had fun. Emmy told her humans that she was staying! When Rus and Bekka were wranging dogs at the gate, Emmy turned and walked down the path, to the front door and was ready to go inside with Meredith. Refused to come when called and they ended up carring her to the truck. Too funny and Emmy's always welcome-she's the perfect house guest.

So after they left, what did we do but Moose, Meredith, David and I piled in the truck and headed out for more plants. Meredith and Ellie spent part of the afternoon doing stuff and poor Moose spent his in the truck. Anyway, we came home with more shrubs, roses, perennials and annuals. This year's theme is purple and white. I replanted the hanging buckets, the hanging baskets, the terra cotta pots and the hibiscus that I overwintered, five total, got big pots with lots of annuals in them. Can't wait for them to start leafing out and flowering again.

Started a new perennial bed around the coupula in the day lilly bed. Also got more daylilies(with more bareroot on order) and should have that whole area mulched and filled in this spring. Can't wait for them to all bloom-it's a HUGE bed out by the drive way. Photos to follow this afternoon. Then we worked on Meredith's rock garden with some new succulents-hen-n-chicks, etc. Should be cool in a few weeks with some warm weather.

Last but not least, garden! It's not planted yet, one more tilling this weekend. Then it's heirloom veggies-beets, tomatos(seed savers to arrive in two weeks), lettuce, butternut squash, cukes, zucchini, beans and pots of Tom Thumb peas. Will add some carrots if there's space and maybe a melon or two.

So there's my weekend-quiet for the most part. Didn't realize that quiet would be so tiring! I'm searching for some new fencing this week, more plants(about 6 roses) and then it's time for two nights of obedience, wash dogs and get ready to head to Kim's for the weekend. Hoping everyone else had such a productive weekend!

Later gators...

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Sherilyn said...

Thanks again for your hospitality...can't think of a better way to spend a weekend, unless it was also tied in with a dog show, but the wedding was great fun, too! :)

Looking forward to next weekend! Is it Friday yet? hehe