Monday, May 4, 2009

Rhubarb-Dawn's fault

As I catch up this morning and see that Dawn over at Daybreake is tempting fate by mentioning the word rhubarb, my mouth started watering. My patch is now in duck central and yes I have some coming on but it might be another week. I can't wait for farmer's market and yes, I will be purchasing some additional plants on the way home tonight.

But I digress to the mouth watering recipe I got off the Open Line many moons ago-Rhubarb Pudding. Can't be easier and more um um um. Right out of the oven, little ice cream or heavy whipping cream-that's it, Dawn--you are so in trouble.

BUT.......... in my search for other rhubarb recipes I stumbled upon the greatest website. Many of you might remember but many won't, a radio show here in Eastern Iowa called the Open Line, followed Saturday's by By-Sell-Trade. It was on WMT 600 am and of course, there were cookbooks(Mom has a couple), monthly bulletins and news letters and loads of fun! As many things it ran for what, 40 years, has changed hosts and been off the air for a short period. But it's back. I remember Jim Loyd being a host as well as Jerry Car, Sharon Reeves and Gary Edwards? So here is the infamous Open Line with a great cache of recipes and tid bits.

Oh and my Rhubarb Pudding recipe is here:


Later gators.....


Holly said...

You bring back some wonderful memories! Where I grew up we had a rhubarb patch and my aunt used to make it. I may have to plant my own patch here!

Dawn said...

Hey thanks for the new recipe to try. A few years ago I made rhubarb juice following an amish recipe I found. Super nummy too, but lots of work.

Cindy said...

Don't get me started on RHUBARB JUICE!!! My family is infamous for making wine out of it. We have a strong German community in Amana IA and they make piestingle(I think that's how it's spelled) and hum, I might still have some downstairs-it's a sippin' wine now-little goes a long long way!