Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well got the email-my entries arrived at Betty Jean's and well, we are on our way to the CWCCA National Specialty in April. The ugh is how much I spent on entries and what all my dogs are doing. I have one entry left to overnight for herding as I just made the arrangements for a few warm up lessons and now feel comfortable that Moose and I won't look like the laughing stock that I was a few years ago. Never again will I have someone convince me to do something that I know deep down, my dog is not ready for. Never!

Let's see-obedience and rally-one day only for Moose as I want to concentrate the next day on rally with Eddie. Only reason I am doing it is to prove to those that giggled at Sherilyn last year that he actually does have a few brain cells swimming in that big old blue lunk of a head. If I can get motivated enough to work some advanced stuff, I will but for now, I think onlead is his best bet. Kind of using a saying that a lot of agility people use, perfect the advanced level stuff before you even venture in to novice. He's not ready and I won't push it, it's not fair to the dog. The saying at home now is that he isn't dumb, he's just s l o w.... Which David translated to He's not bred for speed then , eh? Poor poor Eddie, always getting picked on.

Conformation-this year is going to be fun with some youngsters along. I've been going through the closet and found a couple nice outfits to wear in the Megan, but I need to do a dry run with "Rosario" first to see if I can wear the long one with the neat slit up the side or have to wear the shorter one. It has something to do with grabbing fringy skirts, jazz pants, etc. ;0) Sweeps entries, regular class entries, BOB, juniors, nonregular classes. Let's just say, Frankie Baby is going to be one tired little boy by the end of the week.

Add in the seminars, the get togethers, the food, drink and friends, I can't wait to go! Now the goal is to figure out how to get all the dogs, plus one, me, the Ms and all our crap for a week, in the Tahoe. I think I have it all figured out, I think.

Hey-one last thing----make sure to go out and enjoy the weather. It's gorgeous here in Iowa today. Weekend looks even better and I can't wait to get out and enjoy it all!

Later gators...........


Anonymous said...

Aunt Cindy,

No need to dry run with the fringed jazzy long skirts. I love them. I promise not to jump, grab and other wise herd your skirt. Promise Promise Promise.


Anonymous said...


He had his paws crossed the whole time he was promising!


Winjammin' said...

Gee...and you were worried that you wouldn't have enough to do that week. LOL

Good luck with that skirt thing with Rosario!! ;o)

We're all set to go too. Sweeps (both sides), Megan, Regular Classes (both sides), Stud Dog, and BOB. Sherilyn mailed in the instinct test entry yesterday or the day before. Oh, and one token CM along for the ride for everyone's entertainment.

Winjammin' said...

ROFL Kim!! I can just see him doing that!!!

Cindy said...

That was Alec's first comment as I was modeling for opinions last night-now that might be a little long to wear with Russ-why I ask? Uh Mom, he eats those things, doesn't he??

Yes Rosario--if you promise to be a good boy, I'll wear the long one.