Friday, March 6, 2009

It's official

Now we all think that robins are the harbenger of spring-WRONG! Robins can actually overwinter in many of the northern areas but the true beacons of spring are the red winged black birds. To my joy as I walked out the door this morning to work, I heard the characteristic o-ka-leeee", "konk-a-ree" call that they make and up on the telephone wires were several carring on a conversation. Meredith had been very proud to point out that she had already seen many this week, so I was a little behind the times.

So with the birds returning, the air is filled with wonderous sounds and I seriously did not want to go to work this morning.

Have a great day spring day!!

Later gators....

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Sharrie said...

When I walked the dogs this morning, the red wings were out in full force. As we were almost to the end we saw two robins. SOOOOOOO......spring is here! Thank heaven! I thought that WI might stay winter all year.