Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WLC and getting ready to travel

I'm so happy to see that my fellow bloggers that are doing the Weight Loss Challenge aka WLC are doing great! Dang it Garrett, 28 lbs?? I can say I dropped about 5-8 lbs but having some issues with really getting the weight off. Let's be blunt, the weather, job and family stuff are not making it easy.

Weather-it's been down right COLD. I can't get up the gumption to go out before it gets light to walk. Heck Mrs Lillie isn't even walking right now and she walks all the time. I'm coming in early to the office so I'm not getting enough time to mall walk in the mornings either. Once I get home, it's getting dark and cold again, so I'm not in the mood to walk with my flashlight and parka on.

Job-so yes, coming in early and getting lots done, but leaving late too. Overtime is good but that leaves less time each night to do the family stuff.

Family stuff-next week there's a meeting or something each and every night including doubling up on one night. Yes, I can be in three places at one time-NOT! Davi'd's out doing chores, Alec and the Ms studying, which leaves me to do the housework, cook, and try to get my KC, 4-H and other outside activites done. Just doesn't leave much time for anything else, does it?

So how do I get that exercise in that I need in addition to watching what I eat? Start by walking the stairs up 4 floors instead of the elevator. That means I need to remember to bring my knee brace and tennis shoes ;0) I can also walk down instead of waiting for the elevator, which in most cases, it's faster to walk. When the office moves, we are right down town and next to a great area to walk. Heck I can even do the next door parkade in bad weather. I don't jog, DVD's are great, but it's a time issue. Going to the gym is out unless I want to get up at 4am or stay up till 11:30 each night. Weights-can't afford a home system yet but I am thinking about doing some more hand weights and pilates ball stuff. Yoga is good too, but again, there's the time factor.

Motivation is hard for me. I know part of my weight issue is meds and that's a discussion with the Doc to figure out what I can take that won't make me gain weight. That's a tricky one-do I want to breath or look svelt? Motivation-I tried on a bunch of dresses last night and well, I can say that I haven't really gained that much weight over the last year, it's just in the wrong places. So the goal in 5 weeks is to lose enough or better yet, tone up enough, that I look good in a formal and won't distract from the dog that I am showing in the Megan. Motivation-to be healthier and be able to keep up with the dogs, kids and not feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Yes I am comfortable in my "skin" but the healthier part is very important to me. Knowing that my family has health issues, not really attributed to weight, makes me want to be more in shape and overall healthier so that when those problems happen to me, I'm strong enough to battle them back.

So there you have it, out in the open and it feels better to see it and read it each day. To those that have really kicked butt--CONGRATULATIONS! For those of us struggling, we will win, we just need to keep up with it.

Later gators.... off to walk down the 4 flights of stairs.....


Sherilyn said...

"Yes I am comfortable in my "skin" but the healthier part is very important to me."

Amen, and good for you! So many folks get hung up with the weight loss just to look "skinny" and forget the real reason to lose be healthier and live longer!

Since the last headfirst tumble down the stairs, and learning that I didn't do my bad back any favors, the only thing the Dr. said he would let me do now is water aerobics. I thought..."when the heck am I going to have time for that?" SO, I did some checking around and found a place that has WA 3 times a week, from 5:30pm - 6:15pm. I sweet-talked Rus into going home without me each of those nights and taking care of the dogs, and I stop off at the gym to do my water exercises. I've gone twice this week, and I love it! I am sore in places that I forgot existed, but the good news is my back doesn't hurt any differently than it already did! LOL Muscles are sore around it, but a good sore, and I know that by keeping this up I will continue to get stronger and healthier, lose the needed weight, and when it comes time that I have to have the back surgery, recovery should be that much easier. I'm down 80 lbs, which is great, but another 20 lbs will be better, and I set my goals for 20 lbs at a time. That way it doesn't seem unobtainable. Slowly but surely is our motto! :)

Hang in there...we can all do this...together! It's great to know that my dog show family out there is helping and are there for those times that we stumble and fall, but we never fail.

Hugs to all! Can't wait to see you in Dubuque! :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep at it, make better choices and you will win the battle. I'm with Sherilyn, set small goals.