Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rollin',rollin', rollin', keep those wagons rollin'!

Cell starts ringing and I pick it up to hear Alec say--"Mom, we need to talk." Gulp-what now. He had called to discuss our leaving on Friday to go to Des Moines for the weekend and seems, yes once again, winter is back in Iowa. Winter Storm warnings out for southern and west central Iowa right now. They have extended them to the central and parts of east central Iowa now.

If you remember last year at this exact show, we had a little bit of an issue getting home. As in one of the worst storms to date. Alec was up in DMAC for the weekend doing FFA stuff and Meredith and I had done the Pom and Collie specialty then the all breed with Russ. I had 1 pom, 1 collie and I think 3 cardigans with me that weekend. I-80 was closed and I was on it during the worst. We had left Sunday afternoon with all indications that the interstate was getting better, then the temperature dropped and well, it wasn't good, 4" of frozen slush. The trip from Des Moines to Central City usually takes 2 1/2 hours, I got to Cedar Rapids in 4 1/2 hours that night. Kept telling myself, one more mile, one more rest area, one more exit and I will get off and sleep the night out. Nope, plugged along and now everyone has permission to rip the keys out of my hands so I can't do that again. Anyway, once to CR, called home and was told, nope, you can't come home, road closed to the farm. So called my parents and made it, barely to their house. Got the old burb stuck 100 ft into their drive. Didn't get home till 12:30 the next day and got stuck 200 yds from the house then. Not fun.

So now it's, when can we leave or when do we leave? They are saying 5-7" of snow. I guess it's an early departure time on Friday so we get to Rus and Sherilyn's on time. At least it looks like the ride home will be smooth, or so I hope.

Keep the 4wd handy and results from the show when we get home on Sunday!

Later gators.....

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Sherilyn said...

Drive carefully! I've got a tator tot casserole ready and we can warm it up when you arrive.

See you tomorrow!