Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mud Wars 2009

So it's nice and warm here. Record highs today and the snow is almost all gone except in the shady areas. It rained yesterday and well, there's a spring type smell in the air.

And.......... I washed 7 dogs last night after they spent a couple hours outside playing in the mud, the muck, and the totally gross mess that is my yards. Ducks love it. Horses want to go to the lower paddock but are locked in the upper. Moo is stuck in his stall, though sans blanket and is trying to push his way out. But back to the chaos crew. Tuli, Phoebe, Fred, Eddie, Max, Frankie and Moose all had to have one layer of grit and grime removed before going in their crates. It was unreal how filthy they were. Oh forgot Clairee too and that was beyond bad-rough collies and mud do not mix. Makes 8. No one was happy, including the humans, that is except for Moose. That boy is warped and wouldn't have him any other way. He gets out of the bathtub, I dry him off and then he starts bouncing all over the house. Unfortunately, he thinks that a bath equals dog show and he was all ready to head out to the truck and go! Still that way this morning.

So wet dogs, a few who didn't require bathing but still ended up a little dirty, those that were bathed and the rest who were smart and only needed paws wiped. My house has a very spring like odor-as in wet and damp. The saving grace is that today, the furnace is shut off and the windows are open. Floors will be mopped, crates cleaned, clean dog beds for all and I hate to say this, but it's going to get cold tomorrow and the rest of the week, so it'll freeze the mud and I can rest easy for a few more weeks.

Later gators.......

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Frink Lemur said...

Nothing says fun like a muddy samoyed and picking up a wet, gritty muddy undercarriaged Carla to put her in the car after a walk in the park. Byaarrgh.