Monday, February 9, 2009

Creative Accounting

Man, do I now know the meaning of that word. Been learning lots about it working with the new software at work. When you are dealing with one company plus dozens of seperate businesses, it takes a little entry here, change here, and some wild thinking to make the balance sheets all come out. As I told Kim, still trying to wrap my head around it all. Eventually I will be as good as the other gals here.

Now I've sat back decided that maybe I can use a little bit of that at home too. Especially with all the work we are doing there right now. Add in the current spring thaw and well, it'll warp you soon enough.

Ducks-they had been living in the barn for the winter as weather was not condusive to finishing the duck house yet. But using the creative accounting method, we are making it all work. This weekend Moose helped me move the quakers out of the barn, through the yard and into their outdoor pens for a little sun, bathing and upsetting the dogs. Their indoor pen will get cleaned out and transplanted on the garden shortly and then David will have room to work in the barn on his feed room. Shuffle one here, to make room for another there!

So ducks are totally enjoying their time outside, which in turn is sending Frankie over the deep end. That boy and I are having some talks about herding etiquette, meaning do not attempt to grab the duck through the fence! Ducks have also found the pond under the snow pack and are constantly in swimming, cleaning and preening themselves. Speaking of snow pack, let's talk the down side of this warm weather...

Mud. Again let's revisit creative accounting, if we have one thing we like, then usually there's been a trade off and something we don't like. Warm 50 degree weather, snow pack melts. Water runs across ground and little corgi feet and duck webbing create mud. Frank is a new shade of red as in brown red-no white visable. Everyone else is carrying in underbelly mud amd I've done 3x's the laundry with all the towels we are using. Clydesdales are up beyond their feathers in mud, Moo is back on stall duty and I've dug out my ladybug garden clogs. The truck has been washed about every other day and I am dreading more thawing on the gravel roads. I really am not looking forward to what it was like last year.

Otherwise, same old cost accounting used here. Income, expenses, equity and such. And what would accounting be but taxes. Next item of business around here and actually I think we have it all in order and are ready to head to the preparer, cause I would really like a little of that refund to use at the National Specialty for fun money ;0)

Till next time, I'm your creative accountant, up to her knees in mud and corgis!

Later gators....

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