Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flood 08

Getting ready to move back into the old office as it's been under renovation since it was flooded last summer. Everyone here is itching to get back to their comfort zone.

Yesterday, the new head of Home Land Security/FEMA toured the area and I have a huge beef. What I don't get is why tour a company that has the time and resources to completely rebuild and look like nothing touched it, when three or four blocks down the road are empty houses, business waiting for more funds to finish rebuilding or a historic area of town where many businesses can't return or are in limbo waiting for answers?? You got it, she got a tour of the hospital and all it's bright and shining walls and floors. She was not driven through the devestation of the 500 yr flood plain. She did not get a first hand look at what it looks like 8 mos after the flood.

Yes our elected officals told us exactly how important the people of Cedar Rapids are. They showed a video of the flood-more then likely the one the tv stations put together. They didn't meet real people struggling to make ends meet, people who can't go forward and feel like they are slipping continually backwards. Big business is not the lifeblood of this community, though I will add, it's great to see that the hospital is back up and running, but they won't have a business if the people leave, like they are now. I know many who have just up and left, moved on, created a new life, but not in Cedar Rapids.

So Governor Culver, make note-I didn't vote for you and my grandpa's rolling in his grave, but I think he would agree with me now-you are not the best man to represent the people of Iowa. You had better figure out quickly where your pay check comes from and start acting in the best interest of your state, not your wallet.

Later gators and believe me, I will have more to say on this matter.....

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