Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tagged in the 6th sense

Okay, here's my 6 of 6 of 6 photo-cute ain't it?? A 'beezer hound butt shot! I was helping Alisa take pictures of Ana's first litter at just over 6 mos old. Just to be nice, here's a better shot.....

Not sure who hasn't been tagged yet but just to send it out-

Laura, Cooper and Carly
Mumme's and the Gang
Garrett and the Snow crew
Colleen and da' boys
and who ever else wants to join in---just make sure to add a comment here so that I know you're playing!

Later gators....



Sherilyn said...

Ours is on our blog of our favorite blue boys! :) Betcha can't guess which one before you look?? hehe The one I fell in love with over 4 years ago and prompted us to find our own Cardigan, that's who!! Mr. Sulley, or Goober as we affectionately call him. What a pretty boy!!

coopercreek said...

Hey, that cardi sure is leggy. :=) We were tagged already, but might be inclined to do it again. Stay warm.