Monday, December 15, 2008

Unreal weekend

Okay let's start out by saying that I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!!! Not only is it below zero here, but the wind and lack of snow is unreal. Started out this weekend around 30 degrees, then warmed up to over 50. By the time I got back home from the show, I had driven through a down pour, been pelleted by sleet, freezing rain and ice. A 90 min trip took 3 hours at which Kim commented-should have just stayed here for the night. Should have!

Weekend at a dog show is really what I needed after being cooped up in the house for so long. People, real people! Kim, Nick and I, along with the four cardigans-Russ, Music, Devil Boy Shaker, and Baby Frankie, all went to Chicago. So much fun, good wine-okay CAW for me, pizza, pasta and Susan and Jean's chili and sloppy joes. There went the diet again.

Not much to report on the show results-weird judging, ask Emily. The look on her face when the judge picked BOB was funny. Shaker only showed on Sunday and can't thank Susan enough for showing him for us. He needed someone who he hadn't already pissed off to take him in. Russ looked good and greatful for a judge on Sunday that asked us to move our dogs out, not walk around the ring like Saturday. Music, a whole new woman. We thought someone had come in and switched her. And we think it was all because of dear Frankie Baby. He is following in Uncle Moose's footsteps and charming the pants off everyone he meets. Frank did win his sweeps class and both judges told me that the only reason for not taking BBE, was that he was a baby-maturity. Well he's not showing in puppy so they'll just have to live with my baby for awhile.

Now that I've unloaded the bad parts, the best part was Saturday morning. We groomed with Connie and Chelsea for the weekend. Connie kept checking her cell phone, praying that Kerri would call. And the timing was perfect. We were hanging back and waiting for cardigan regular classes to start. Connie listened to her messages, dropped to her knees in praise, for God had rewarded Kerri's prayers with Jessie being found. If many of you didn't know about it, Kerri while on vacation in GA, had lost her Jessie. She was gone for 16 days. Connie turned to me, in tears and I knew that Jessie was safe. Four of us-Kim, Connie, Chelsea and myself were bawling. Of course, the funny part is we still had to go into the ring and show. So agreed to wait to tell everyone else until we gathered for dinner. And what a celebration dinner it was!!!

Sending healing vibes to Kerri-she's got a rotten cold out of this mess, but at least her teddy bear is back.

So, went to show, had fun, came home and now can't wait for the next one in about 3 weeks!!! Frank is all excited-he's wandering the house aroooing to everyone. Tell you what, never prouder of a little puppy then I am of Frankie Baby. He was a trouper-elevators, shuttles, dog show chaos and his first hotel room stay. He's almost perfect and we got more comments about how nice that little red boy is. Now if the judges can start feeling the same. Check out Kim's blog for pictures of his new friend, Music.

More later, but gotta go and let the herd in-they don't seem to mind this freaking weather at all-go figure!

Later gators....


solstice kennels said...

with or without ribbons the fun part of the show is always my friends.

Cindy said...

I totally agree!! It was great to see everyone after being gone from showing for so long. We all cheered for each other and laughed at our mishaps.


Sherilyn said...

I missed you guys this weekend! We're starting to hit the stir crazy period...we do this every year! LOL We're counting down the days until we start showing again...hurry up St. Paul! :D We miss our buddies!

See you this weekend!

Keep warm!