Monday, November 3, 2008

To each his own

Chatting with a fellow dog person this weekend and the topic of families came up. As in dog families. We both commented on how interesting it is that one dog or a litter of puppies, can create for us a whole new branch on the family tree. It's not just the dogs themselves, but the people who are owned by those dogs. And then there are those people who's lives are touched by our dogs that are welcomed into that family.

Over the years, I've had the chance to meet a lot of people. Gotten a couple of my dogs from far away states and even sent a few of my puppies to far away places. I kind of liken it to the Kevin Bacon thing-six degrees of connection or seperation? One piece leads to another, that leads to another and before you know it, it's all connected. Take for example my good friend Pam. She is owned by a special brindle girl named Clover. Now Clover is a littermate to Moose, Abbey, Zino, Molly, Rosie, Wally Jr, and last but not least Beckham. I know that I have mentioned to Pam that Clover had siblings in the Cities, but they had never met each other's families, until this weekend! At a stop light( this story relayed to me by Pam), Pam stops and looks to the sidewalk to see a very handsome brindle cardigan being walked by a lovely lady. Pam rolls down the window and starts up a conversation that ended with them finding out that Beckham is Clover's sister and wow, what a chance meeting. Light turns green and off they go. Hoping now that the two of them will find each other at the obedience training center that they both use, but again, never run into each other.

As I once again return to my conversation with my fellow dog enthusiast. Dog families are so much the same as our human families. That keeping in the loop, knowing whats going on, sharing the ups, the downs, joys, sorrows. Just like a simple email from Pam saying you're never going to guess who I saw....He remarked that one thing he's done for years is a yearly newsletter for his dog family. He details what's been happening, how the dogs are doing, photos, health information updates. Now with the advent of the internet, he does it via a blog, but also a yahoo group. Great idea! I think several other cardigan people do that(me too ;0) The most important thing to him was acting as a responsible breeder and making sure that this "family" was always in the loop. He talked with them and they are always able to reach him. Keeping them informed on the health, noteworthy items and things of interest about their dog family, they in turn did the same.

I liked how he used the term responsible breeder. He not only was looking out for those puppies he helped bring into this world by breeding what he considered the best suited pair, but he also was looking out for them in the long term, just as a family would do for a sibling or relative. Within his breed, which is pretty health, there are chances of a few health related things cropping up at a later date. He always makes sure that those who have pets as well as those who have dogs from his lines, are kept up to date on the current happenings. As I always say, and he agreed, if I produce a dog, regardless of time, distance, or what ever, it's my responsiblity for it's life. That's if I whelp it or if I offer my dog for stud service. But we have both run into those with personal agendas and like he said to each his own, but he can sleep at night knowing that he's done all he can, been open, honest and forthright. What do they call that, a clean conscience? Morally sound? What ever it is, I know I can sleep at night knowing that I too have been honest and forthright with all who have trusted me by taking one of my dogs.

It's so much fun to just sit and chat with a person of like mind. Now we agree to disagree on many things, no ones perfect, I don't ever plan on being. But what we have is a love for our dogs, their families and a committment that will last a lifetime.

Later gators.....

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Jinnie said...

I love to use the term, "we are related by dog".