Monday, November 3, 2008

November or June?

As I sit in my shorts and tshirt tonight, enjoying a cup of tea in the late evening breeze, I wonder-WHAT TIME OF YEAR IS THIS???

Holy bat caves, it was 74 degrees this weekend. Not that I will complain about this during the first week of November but I hope it keeps up like this. About 10 years ago, I remember taking Meredith out for her first horse ride, on Thanksgiving Day. Have the photos somewhere. Then there are the Halloweens where the costumes had to be designed to accomidate a snow suit underneath. What ever the good man upstairs has in mind, I will take this for as long as I can, but He better not be thinking about dumping us with crappy weather all winter long to make up for the good.

This last weekend, David and his dad, Dick, got a great start on the poultry house. I'll try to get some pictures up soon of it. Of course this crappy standard time-fall back an hour, is really screwing up work on it. The posts are in, floor complete and hoping to get the walls up this weekend. I am so sick of moving ducks back and forth to the barn. Yes that's what I have dogs for, but I also have four khaki drakes that think it's just peachy to fly rather then walk and that just creates chaos(what's new) when attempting to get something done in limited time or light.

Now, the one other thing I have to complain about it that going to work in the dark, sitting at a desk all day, then leaving to come home in the dark can be a pain. With a case of S-SAD(mild seasonal disorder), that really makes me not want to do anything but go to bed and sleep when January hits. Good thing for dogs shows! Makes one have to concentrate on getting things done so you can go play.

So, just what season is it, what month and what time of day? I haven't a clue, and honestly, I think I like it that way-heehee

Later gators....

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