Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Typical day

Nothing typical about our day but with 2 races left in the NASCAR season, all things stop on Sunday afternoons so that I can see my driver-Jeff Gordon, lose again. Okay, so he isn't that bad this year. Some nice finishes but yet to win one. Meredith loves Dale Jr., and thank God those two drivers are on the same team this year. It was pretty ugly last year.

Anyway, as you can see, the gang joins us for some race watching, though they don't seem as thrilled as the rest of us.

Later gators.....



Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

OMG that picture is priceless! Your right none seemed too thrilled by the prospect of watching the race. Kim

Cindy said...

You should see what the other 1/2 of the room looked like ;0) Several in one dog bed, Dove sitting or er, ah, sleeping on Moose in the chair. Only thing missing was a large GSD taking up the center of the room-he opted to sprawl on the bed instead.