Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wildlife 101

Since the untimely death of Pip the Ancona hen, we have been setting out the live traps hoping to figure out who the culprit is. Proactive response on our part. Anytime we have an unwelcome visitor, there are sure to be more invited back.

So the live trap is set, the ducks bedded down and we waited. Didn't have to wait long. Ricky the Raccoon couldn't resist the temptation. One down and transplanted to a land far far away. Okay, across the Hwy and about 6-7 miles further away. Meredith's reply-hope it tries to come back across the highway and turns into road kill. Ouch, but I feel her pain at getting back at the creature that got Pip. So we set up the trap again. Alec swore it was the mink we have been seeing all summer long, but nope, got another coon! I think we have a small highway through the corn field to the duck pens.

Trap is set again tonight and let's see if we get #3. Ducks seem more settled, though a couple are in sick bay in the barn. It's the chance you take when you have prey ready for eating. We also don't really like to kill them but rather move to more remote location. Only fair as we built our house in their backyard. Speaking of which, seems we have another snapper in the creek so we are attempting to catch that and send it north to the river area.

Looking back, we have a lot of wildlife at our place. When we first moved to the house, the local coyote band would run through the yard at night. Of course you have the field mice that invade when the landscapers change the scenery in the fields surrounding us. The blue herons love the creek and it's so much fun to see them gliding along the roof tops of the house and barns. Snapping turtle, minks, a few deer and of course the human wildlife-teenagers. Snakes-there's a gardner snake-big one-living in the garage right now. Had a beavy of bull snake babies, the frogs and toads, which the dogs gladly played with and ick, ate. Grackles-messy birds. The beautiful barn swallows swooping around at dusk. Bald Eagle, a pair of red tail hawks, the kestrels, morning doves, killdeers and meadowlarks. Forgot the turkeys, ground squirrels, crawfish in the creek and vulture or two.

And I wouldn't have it any other way. Never a dull day or night.

Later gators.....


Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh my goodness. I can't wait until we are out in the country. Now Ricky Racoon and the snakes I can live without, but am sure we will have our share.

Cindy said...

The snake I could live with out but she seems to be David's friend so he lets her stay in the garage. Earning her keep so to speak as the mice haven't been near as bad.

Sherilyn said...

I could definitely do without the snakes, too....I don't like spiders and snakes...and that ain't what it takes...nevermind, I'll quit singing now. ;)

See you this weekend!