Monday, September 8, 2008

Nothing like Food and Friends

Wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Rus and Sherilyn for putting up with the gigglepuss and myself this weekend. Tell you what, there is nothing more fun then friends and really good food. The Annual CorgiQ was held Saturday night at the Mumme's also. Ummmm, wonderful salads, tasty deserts and a huge cake to celebrate Alec's 21st birthday.

It's interesting the diversity of the dog people that we hang out with. Terriers, toys, herding, working, hounds. I think we are waiting for a working and nonsporting person to join the group--then we can have our own private shows. We all sat at different rings cheering each other on. Learned grooming or what not to do in grooming tricks. Ate more cake and popcorn. Played a guess the color game and in general, had way too much fun.

Meredith is becoming a handler extrodinare-put a major on an Austrialian Terrier puppy. Helped out in a couple other breeds too. Won stuff at the obedience raffle. Oh I finally won my utility article box--guess that means I need to go get a set of articles now? Got some great portable agility equipment too. Yes I have been making some but ran across this gal at the show(actually been drooling over her stuff for a few months now) and could not pass it up. So the dogs have new colorful jumps and a chute now. Tried out the chute last night and they all took turns running in and out then pouncing on each other as they went through it. I had to put it away after awhile.

On the puppy front, the wee ones got another look over by a few people. We are still right on track. Frank and Torch are hanging out here with us and will hit the show circuit after the first of the year. Same with Bear but for now he's spending his spare time picking on his dad. Dove will also be staying here and play show girl in a few months. Trouble is still looking through his personal ad replies and trying to decide whom to go live with.

Now it's time to resume the diet. Yes after the medication issues this spring and summer, it's been an up hill battle with taking off that weight. Gotta get serious now and with not having to feed Alec and his hollow leg, I can make moderate meals and low cal ones at that. This weekend, I did good until yesterday-I had to have that piece of pizza and a few cheese cubes on the way home. If this rain quits then with the quiet nights at home, a few dogs and I will be taking walks to wiggle off the pounds.

The burb is still packed and debating how much to unpack for this next weekend. Granted I am only going to have one last weekend of fun for the fall(judges suck at the rest of the usual shows, so staying home) and help Meredith in juniors, but still gotta pack for any occasion. Humm, should work on that, but maybe wait till mid week.

Till my next thought pops in-enjoy this cool weather and remember if it's not friends and food, might as well stay home!

Later gators....


coopercreek said...

Sounds like you will have lots of puppy time in the show ring soon. If you plan on Columbia next year, I'll come up and cheer you guys on!

Cindy said...

Count on it!
Should be interesting to say the least. If the fun match was any indication, there should be lots to cheer about or maybe giggle at.

Jinnie said...

Good luck with the weight loss I've been trying too. I fell better that is for sure. I'm getting close to my goal of a "bag of dog food" lost. Keep it up!