Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall is in the air

Brrrr, was it cold last night or what? Actually I loved it, a great chance to snuggle up to David as it's been so warm lately that we both lay on opposite sides of the bed attempting to stay cool in the breeze of the fan. My only problem is that my nose was beyond cold and with this small cough and cold I have, it's a bugger to say the least.

Fall is fast approaching. Driving home with David last night, the Burning Bushes are tinging red, the spider webs in the morning are heavy with dew and the corn doesn't have the lush green sound when it moves. It's now got that dry rustle and is firing up in many fields. We were hoping for a late fall so that we could get one more load of hay out of the front paddocks but nope. The barn is full of hay, but I think we can get at least one more load from Ron before the winter sucks us in.

I woke up this morning pinned into one position and unable to move. Like wearing a straight jacket(no further comments into that one). Hope had dawned her green rubber duckie coat last night, other wise we would have been awakened to teeth chattering in the middle of the night. She also got bedded down with a wool blanket-she sleeps on David's side of the bed. But Moose, Phoebe and Fred had different ideas. Especially Phoebe. Laying right along side your legs, one dog on each side and the other up by your arms. It was like they were tacked down on the bed, cuddling as close as they can. I wriggled, tried to flip over, nope not happening. I called their names, again no response. I had a feeling that I would be in bed longer this morning and that they might be cold? David almost had to drag them off the bed to go out. Poor dogs, I told them that blowing coat this time of the year was not a good idea.

It rained all day yesterday. A nice rain, a fall rain. We have either had down pours, huge storms or mist this year. Not just a simple nice rain. It's enjoyable. Of course that also means it's towels at the door to wipe feet and undercarriages. Dogs know the routine and puppies are learning. One at a time: Stop, drop and roll. I have found it to be easier to just have them roll on their backs so that I can do the feet while they wave at the ceiling, then undercarriage and hanging parts. Moose loves it-that big stupid grin on his face. My poor carpets will need a super cleaning in a week or two, it's supposed to continue raining so I will wait to clean. We are also looking at taking it up this winter and putting in some other type of easier to keep clean flooring. Carpets suck!

I am hoping that fall hangs around for awhile. Farmer's Almanac is predicting a worse winter then last year and I am not looking forward to that. Fall is one of my favorite seasons-the coolness, the crispness and colors. I just don't like that it's a lead up to snow. The dogs coats get lush, the landscapers come and change the scenery. Horses look plump and get fuzzy coats that are so enjoyable to rub your chilled hands through in October. This year looks to be the Ms' last year trick-r-treating. She's growing up. Apples at Allen's Orchard, warm cider too. Umm, thinking on my way to the show this weekend I need to swing by and get a bag of Honey Crisps. Oh yes high school football. Walking around, chatting with friends that you haven't seen in awhile. Hot Chocolate and wool blankets.

Yes, I too smell itl--fall is in the air and I'm ready for it!

Later gators......

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