Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's finally over

Another kennel club show is over. Thank God! Actually it was a great weekend and I can't thank everyone enough for helping out. I need to learn to say no at some point in my life because that's how the whole damn think got started 2 years ago! Oh well, jumped in feet first as usual, and if I can say so, it turned one pretty darn good.

Being show chair was fun, exhausting and frustrating. I learned a lot and we have a list of things to change for next year. Should make it bigger, better and much easier to run too. Thanks to all the TCKC and CRKA folks who jumped in with me.

Music is back at the Gibson Ranch. It's much quieter around Camp Cindy now. Sort of, seems Frankie has decided he can bark just as well as the big dogs. Great, thanks Alec! Moose and Fred are back home too. Fred really is happy as the pool at Kim's blew into the Mississippi during a recent storm and he hadn't had any water to play in. First thing he did upon coming home was run in and lay down in the water. Silly boy. Moose is glued to my lap and makes sure that if I am going anywhere, he goes. Shhh, don't tell him that he isn't going this next weekend. The death wish dog gets to go instead as someone wants to see him again.

Let's see, puppies were evaluated again. I think I'm doing pretty good on my own evaluations, though there is some room for personal preferences. General consensus was that Torch will be hanging out for the time being as most of the breeders who I have asked, said not a mismark and he's so well put together it would be a shame not to show him. Frank too is looking very good-even took a group placement in the fun match Sunday night-he had a handicapped handler, hadn't walked on a lead much and was so tired from the day playing with Shaker. Dove is going to continue to hang out here for awhile. Shaker and Bear got high marks and now it's just waiting for them to grow up more and get those darn ears up! Trouble is the only one of the boys who we all said was nice but would be better off in a pet home. So he's posting ads in the personal section of the paper seeking a family of his own.

We had a fun time Sunday night at the match and for several hours before and after. Yes there were adult beverages flowing and I decided to sleep over at Kim and Kathy's. Pretty safe to say it was a wise choice. Sherilyn, Rus, Kim, Kathy, David and I totally enjoyed the whole evening. Nick and Meredith roasted marshmallows which in turn led to a hunt for chocolate at the obedience building-Kay let it slip that she had some stashed in the fridge. So smore's we had! Almost midnight before we hit the hay but it was so much fun and I can not wait for our next camping experience.

So now it's on to the next show. Not really going for much more then a chance to catch up with everyone and let Meredith show in juniors. Since we are staying with Rus and Sherilyn for the weekend and there is no need to drive anywhere, it should be a very fun time at the Corgi Q. After this weekend, not sure what else is in store for the dog show season. Might be it for the year or at least until the pups are old enough to show. Just have to wait and see.

On a sad note, we finally lost one of the ducks to a creature. Not sure what fourlegged varmint got Pip, the Ancona hen, but not much left of her. Shame, she was one of Meredith's original show ducks. David and Meredith buried her on the hill with Cleopatra, Sophie, Faith, Weaver and the rest of the gang. Live trap is out to see if we can get what ever it is and relocate it before we loose more ducks. That's the down side of livestock and living in the country but something we are very aware of. We do a regular clean out of the buildings, under wagons and such to make sure that no unwanted tenants are residing, but then you always have the chance of visitors from other areas coming in. Moving ahead to get the new poultry building finished with electric and water. That should help some.

Last good note then it's off to get some real work done. Post surgery check up on my eyes was great. 5 weeks till my next check up unless something else happens in the mean time. So it's stable for now, though it is now pretty much healed and the blind area is more pronounced then before. Oh well, at least it's not getting worse for the time being.

later gators.....


coopercreek said...

You've been busy! Glad your eye checkup was better. Oh, and I love Fall, too. Pumpkins and scarecrows.

Cindy said...

Eye's are doing much better, well, it won't get better, but not getting worse is better in my book.

Fall is my favorite too--time for bonfires, watching the northern lights and enjoying the orchards.