Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eye update

Here's the latest. I have funky vision now and it's a pain in the a**. 2 week check up was great. I got to turn bright yellow for a day(dye injection for new retina photos), walked around all day with one eye dilated and one not and the prognosis is good. I won't get back what I lost, but the healing from the laser surgery is continuing. I have distored vision in my left eye but not a blind spot at this point. I tell everyone it's like walking around in a fun house and catching a glimpse of what is ahead of me in those goofy mirrors.

My balance is slightly affected as my brain is still trying to rewire itself. Since I tend to rely more on my right eye to focus and my peripheral vision is affected, I've been cutting corners and when I stop suddenly, wobble a little. The headaches come and go, depends on how much strain I put on the right eye while working on the computer. It's just plain weird. For those that are interested, here's sort of what it looks like. This is an Amsler Grid and I have to use it daily to try and detect any changes in my sight. The top one is sort of what I see. My distortion area is in the upper left to center now, the lines are crisp and not blurry like the above grid. The one on this page is for macular degeneration, which some research indicates that they are similar issues. Mine is caused by histoplasmosis, while MD is genetic for the most part.
If I get a chance at my 3 week check up, I will try to bribe them for a DVD of the retina photos so that you can see what it really looks like.
I forgot to add--I'm still very legal to drive without any restrictions! I do tend to walk around with my sunglasses on more often as it helps with the eye strain.
later gators...


Jinnie said...

Bummer! but at least the damage is caught and hope it gets better for you.

Cindy said...

Well for now it's in "remission" if you can call it that. It isn't getting worse but it's not going to get better except for some healing at the laser surgery site.

Very rare condition but scary to learn it's the leading cause of blindness in people 20-40 yrs old.

Thankfully-I can still run around the ring with the dogs and can throw straight for retrieves in obedience!

Thanks for the good thoughts!